This program is designed for committed business owners who are ready to partner with a business coach/mentor and achieve long term solutions. If you are ready to put effective marketing and sales systems into place that insure the long-term growth, this program is for you. The Victory Program will give you the results you desire as together, we develop a unique strategy based on your business goals.

Take your business to the next level.

Our premium program will give you access to the exact formula that Cheri Ruskus developed to thrive as an entrepreneur over the past 30+ years. Victory is a word that is at the top of any successful Entrepreneur’s vocabulary. You will get the tools through a deeper understanding of Value, Imagination, Courage, Time, Ownership, Revenue and You.

This is where the rubber meets the road as we partner up to work through bottlenecks that have stopped the flow of abundant profitability. In this program we go beyond just the marketing elements that are holding you back, because there are always mindset issues that hold us back from achieving greatness. Everything from management problems, to lack of belief about getting your product or service out into the world, we’ll solve your sticking points and propel you forward.

Over the course of this empowering monthly program you will:

  • Let go of fear and overwhelm.

  • Brainstorm new ideas.

  • Clarify your business mission and true purpose for serving clients.

  • Create a growth strategy plan that develops action towards achieving goals.

  • Build confidence when talking about your brand.

  • Have a business coach/mentor to guide you past roadblocks and help with follow-through.

  • Enhance the attitude of your employees to create a more efficient output.

  • Develop a strong website and social media presence.

The 3 key elements to success with this program:

1) Inspiration. We all do so much better with the power of a positive mindset. Your coach will lift you up and help to remind you of your goals and dreams for the business while making the important shifts that need to be made.

2) Feedback. You have plenty of decisions to make and getting support from a fresh perspective other than yourself is critical. Discover insights from someone else who completely understands where you are and the needed tools that will take you where you want to go.

3) Accountability. Staying consistent with your efforts is mandatory in order to achieve success. Frequently checking in with your coach will realign and remind you of what is most important so that you can stay on track.

About Cheri Ruskus

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Meet Your Coach: Cheri is the founder of Business Victories and lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Her passion in life is helping business owners find clarity and confidence. Her 30+ years of entrepreneurship includes owning a telephone answering service, leasing executive office space, and hosting business masterminds. This real world experience allows her to easily recognize common business symptoms and guide fellow entrepreneurs towards simple solutions that generate awesome results.

You can find Cheri on Instagram as @Victorygirl.

What People are Saying

“Cheri came highly recommended from a friend who’d been working with her for a year, having made great progress with her own company. I decided I wanted some of that and joined the Victory Circles. I’ve worked with 2 other businesses coaches, but Cheri takes the cake! I’m learning so much about marketing and how to apply it to my daily work practice with much success. She provides so much good information through the modules on-line, stuff that as a healer, I have never heard of. She presents the info. in such a way that one isn’t overwhelmed by it and she gives good ways to implement each module. I love working with Cheri!” - Helen Knight (Reiki Master and Spiritual Alchemist at Dreamtime Healings)

“Being a part of the Victory Program has been like having my own board of advisors and support team who not only give me guidance and structure for my business, but help me to feel like I am not alone too. I cherish this team of women to hold my feet to the fire and reflect back to me my highest goals when I start to get off track. Cheri is a wonderful coach and really helps business owners stick to the foundational principles that work time and time again.” - Nicole Irlbeck (Owner at Restoration Fitness)

“Cheri has been my biz mentor going on 4 years now. She shows up for me every single session with clarity and focus. Yesterday, she did it again.I’m always growing and changing in my business. Sometimes I get into pickles where I’m not so sure how to take the next step or how things will work out. Cheri came in for me like a laser beam yesterday and helped me arrange my work for 2018 like a pro. By the end of our conversation, I felt 10 pounds lighter and had a huge amount of anxiety go poof.Golly, I am so grateful to have Cheri Ruskus on my side. You can find her too at Thanks Cheri - can’t wait to see how all this unfolds.” - Kristin Savory (Thyroid Therapist at

How does this work?

Starting at signup, membership unlocks instant access to the game changing Business Victories courses including Marketing Mastery and Morning Momentum.

These lessons cover many topics (click on title of each for more details), from mindset to marketing, and are on-demand for you to use at your own pace. Working hand in hand with these courses will be your new business coach/mentor to guide you. Each month you will schedule 2 private one-on-one coaching sessions with Cheri Ruskus at a time that works best for you.

Bonus Master Mind

As a bonus you will also have access to the monthly Growth Online Master Mind Program which provides fresh inspirational thoughts for a clear, healthy, and strong business mindset. Content for these monthly Masterminds is based on the book Victory One Moment at a Time - Unlocking the Power of the Mastermind authored by Cheri Ruskus.

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