Build a perfect morning routine

This on-demand online course focuses on creating a morning routine that brings you joy and allows you to remove the majority or reactionary stress from daily life. By building your own custom practice one day at a time it will allow you to make your mornings a time of personal empowerment as you develop a deeper understanding of what you want to have happen in the day ahead.

Over the course of 21 days (the number of days it takes to create a habit) you will get the mindset tools we use at Business Victories to create something that works unique to your daily schedule.

Every day there is a huge need for entrepreneurs to move beyond the challenges and have a mindset full of clarity, creativity, and courage.

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Benefits of membership

• Enhanced clarity and ability to find purpose.

• Increase of daily creativity with fresh ideas.

• Courage and confidence to speak your truth.

• Accountability to ensure you complete the training.

• Positive mood on a more regular basis.

• Increase of productivity.

Meet Your Guide

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Hello there fellow Entrepreneur! My name is Cheri Ruskus and I am the Founder of Business Victories.

I have spent many years refining my own morning routine and lately I have been seeing a growing need from my clients for creating a morning practice that creates positive energy for the day. This course outlines my own morning routine as I share with you the key insights that help me let go of stress and embrace my

How does this work?

After registration, membership unlocks instant access to the Business Victories course Morning Momentum.

There are 21 lessons in this course, covering many topics, from journaling to music, and are on-demand for you to use at your own pace.

We recommend you schedule a daily reminder in the morning and label it “Morning Momentum Time.” When your reminder goes off, listen to a new daily lesson. After the 21 days are complete, when your daily reminder continues to go off honor this time for your new Morning Momentum practice!


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