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Cheri Ruskus  Business Coach, Author and Speaker

Cheri Ruskus
Business Coach, Author and Speaker

Hi!  If you don't know me yet, my name is Cheri Ruskus and I was bitten by the Entrepreneurial bug at the ripe age of 28. Over the course of the last three 3 decades I have felt the despair of defeat and the amazing glow that happens inwardly and outwardly when you reach victory. 

What I know to be true, and you probably do too if you have been doing it for any period of time, owning and operating a business is hard work!

It’s even harder when you continuously find yourself doing it alone. General how to answers from a Google search or over on You Tube are great tools but usually end up only being band-aids.  And if you have ever removed a band-aid you know it hurts!  Especially if you remove it slowly.

I became a Business Coach nearly 20 years ago because I wanted to assist other entrepreneurs in their journey to not make some of the unnecessary mistakes that I did along the way trying to do it all myself.  Yes, there is alot to learn in failures and avoiding some of them as you can will keep your business along with your sanity humming along.


After selling my business of 16 years (Business Answers) in 1999, I knew the next step to take was to empower other entrepreneurs and small business owners through the power I had discovered in business coaching.

It has been my honor to learn my skill sets from the real world experience of owning a businesses for all these years as well being mentored by the best of the best in the areas of mindset, marketing and creating strong business systems.

We all have strengths in certain areas and are lacking strengths in other areas – that’s when we need to reach out and get help. When you do this you start to further build a team around you that will take you towards your greatest victories. 

What has kept me on this career path as a Business Coach has been the thousands of amazing small business owners I have met along my way.  My mission and passion is all about reigniting my clients passion in their business once again through proven strategies and methodologies. 

Together, we can!

Here are 5 steps I use in approaching change...

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Step One:  Gain Courage
Fear has stopped way to many entrepreneurial dreams. By getting past the fear of failure you can begin to find and fully engage in getting your organizations message into the world.

Step Two:  Spark Your Creativity
Imagination can get buried along the way in the midst of the many “to do’s” that must be done in your business every day. Learn how to embrace and strengthen your creativity in order to inspire others and have a whole lot more fun that increases your bottom-line.

Step Three: Consistency Matters
Once you have sparked your creativity you need to use it on a regular business is key because other wise you will lose it. Learn what it takes to become consistent in spreading your  creativity with the world. 

Step Four: Create Great Content
You stay consistent by creating great content. You will gain the mindset tools to stop saying “I can’t” because you know what?  You can! Learn how to master written content, photo, and video platforms or delegate it to others who see your vision.

Step Five:  Enjoy Happy Customers
Begin to consistently engage with past, present, and future customers by understanding how to best service them using marketing and sales automation systems within your business.


It's time to find Marketing Clarity.

High achievers including great athletes and business people always have a coach by their side. It would be my honor to be yours. My belief is that you can enjoy the journey of small business ownership and to feel the energy and excitement again that you initially felt when you first started your business. 

Reach out today for a 1-on-1 Marketing CLARITY  Session to get the clarity you seek.


To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri Ruskus

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