VC definite chief aim

1) Definite Chief Aim

Fully embrace your Definite Chief Aim as you gain a crystal clear vision on where you are headed in the year ahead. The goals, objectives and strategies you set into place will take you through the year ahead and beyond. Social Media piece of the Program will focus on matching your Social Media goals to the over company goals you have for the year.

VC self confidence

2) Self Confidence

Nothing says strong self-confidence in business like an effective sales process and system.  How strong is the sales process that you have set up in your business? Over the course of the month of February you will think, plan and implement a solid sales process into your business. 

VC Honoring Time

3) Honoring Time

Honoring your time Online – getting a clear and flawless system in place as to where you need to be with all your Marketing online. It’s the most cost effective place for marketing and where most successful entrepreneurs are spending their time and marketing dollars these days. From your website to your email marketing insuring that Marketing and Sales are working together.

VC self control with money

4) Self Control with Money

With the first quarter of the year gone by the time April arrives, it is important to stop and see where you stand in regards to your financial goals. In addition, how does cash flow throughout your business?  What’s working and what is not? We will take action insuring you have systems in place to confidently assure you are working with the right tools in place.

VC leadership

5) Leadership

Who are you as a thought leader within your industry or community? How do you go about getting the word out on a regular basis to have it assist you in sharing the key elements of your business? We will look at the footprint you want to make and the legacy you want to leave behind.

VC Imagination

6) Imagination

Where does your creativity come from? Do you work with it from the perspective of being the CEO of your business? Imagination is one of the critical principles that just like the others in this program need to be used and maintained on a regular basis. Get ready in June to unlock your imagination to come out and play all year long.

VC unique personality

7) Unique Personality

How does your personality continue to flow through your business, community and in marketing efforts? We will take a look inside your own unique personality and what it adds to depth and message of your business.

VC accurate thinking

8) Accurate Thinking

What new innovation has come to light so far in your business this year? What innovations do you want to see happen before year-end? Simply put, innovation is the creation of a new value. The genesis of innovation is the ability to come up with new ideas on a consistent basis. Coming up with new ideas requires you spend the required time in your business thinking them through accurately.

VC concentration

9) Concentration

This month will be all about our powers to focus. Did you know that the average human attention span is 8 seconds? Now add to that all that is surrounding your plate as a business owner. You will know why concentration can be so hard to come by. We will look at the distractions that may have found their way into your business and how to prevent them from happening as often - or get rid of them altogether!

VC cooperation

10) Cooperation

Build partnership opportunities with other Joint Venture Partners that serve the same target audience. This could be strengthening current relationships with JV Partners or finding new partners. We will review a partnering evaluation process to assist you in fully seeing the assets of your business that will be advantageous for another business to create a win/win. 

VC profiting from failure

11) Profiting from Failure

This is where you put together those missteps and look to see how we can give the final big push for the year. Where have you been continuously falling down? And even more importantly, where did you get back up?  What important lessons or turning points have you had along the way?

VC fully giving

12 - Fully Giving

As you reflect on the year and begin to prepare for the next year, it’s time for celebration! Where have you given the most of yourself in this year and where do you see yourself giving even more in the year ahead? It’s really a time for embracing all that you bring to the world with your other Master Mind members.

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Nicole Irlbeck Running in Rain.jpg
Being a part of the Victory Circles has been like having my own board of advisors and support team who not only give me guidance and structure for my business, but help me to feel like I am not alone too. I cherish this team of women to hold my feet to the fire and reflect back to me my highest goals when I start to get off track. Cheri is a wonderful coach and really helps business owners stick to the foundational principles that work time and time again.
— Nicole Irlbeck, Founder/Head Trainer at Restoration Fitness

rebecca rose
Cheri offers great advice; instrumental in keeping me and my business endeavors focused and aligning with my Chief Aim. I am grateful for the opportunity and strongly encourage other women entrepreneurs to participate in the program. I am confident the support, tools, and resources you receive will benefit your personal and professional growth, keeping your new business development on track!
— Rebecca Rose, President and Founder for CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants

Shawna Reininger
I joined the Victory Circles to take my business to the next level. I learned to work more efficiently and effectively! But most importantly I found a passionate circle of support making it possible to think big and grow in a way that remains true to who I am and what matters most.
— Shawna Reininger, The Conscious Enterprise