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Digital Marketing Trends 2019

We are surrounded by technology, and that technology has changed the ways that small business and consumers interact.  The changes permeate all aspects of business: running operations, designing and building products, overseeing human resources and education, tracking performance and making projections and strategies.  

More than those, however, marketing is one of the areas most impacted by the change of technology in recent years.  It levels out the playing field and allows small business to take advantage of that technology right along with big business. Digital marketing provides avenues to create engagement between brands and consumers in half the time and a fraction of the money as offline marketing.

Join us as we look forward at just a few of the trends in digital marketing that we believe small businesses should be paying attention to as we approach 2020. We’ll explore what the trends are and some simple ideas for jumping in and fully taking advantage of them now.

Here is what we will be learning together:

· Digital marketing trends including website/SEO, social media, email marketing and more.

· Content marketing is more important than ever to consistently create content that matters.

· Targeting + Segmentation = Personalization based on your target customer.

· Know your stats to make important decisions to help you reach further.

2 Hour Online Workshop
Price is $20 per person

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Meet your speaker: Cheri Ruskus

Cheri has been an Entrepreneur in Boulder, CO since 1985 and a Business Coach since 1999. She has worked with thousands of small business owners in taking a different look at the way they approach marketing in order to fully incorporate today’s modern marketing tools and in the process grow their businesses.