Name: Annette Matthies

What triggered you to work with Business Victories?
My friend referred her to me. I was complaining to her about my lack of business and she said Cheri had been doing great things to help her business. I had an initial session with Cheri and I thought I would just be meeting her and interviewing her for fit and she actually gave me a free coaching session. This wasn't just a 'sample.' The information she provided me with actually helped me that very day!

What results did you want to achieve when you first reached out?
More business! :-) I had no idea how to sell or market my business. I had set some financial goals for myself and I had no idea how to reach them. I was trying everything I could think of but was going about it the wrong way. I needed expertise that I didn't have. I didn't have a lot of time to waste. Cheri helped me gain focus and provided deep expertise to guide me away from zero value added things to actions that would support and sustain my business.

Please share 3-4 results, shifts, outcomes, transformations that occurred as a result of our work together:
I now have processes that are consistent month to month and after each interaction with my clients and potential clients. I have more insight into my cash flow. I have a strategy for each speaking engagement. I have a "program" to offer. I have a plan for newsletters. I am sending my newsletter out twice as often, touching my customers double the amount from last year. I have solid record keeping. I feel more like a CEO of my business! :-) My business is now gaining momentum. I have repeat customers. I have vision for where it needs to go.

What new questions do you have since we began our work together?
New questions? hhmmmm. I think the only question is how can I get to all of the 'stuff' that needs to be done as a result of the great coaching I've received.

Describe the type of person you think would most benefit from a coaching program:
Someone who needs marketing advise, but is also self motivated to continually improve and drive their business forward. Cheri is full of ideas and support, but if you are too unorganized or scattered to implement her ideas it will not be time well spent for either of you.

Additional questions / comments?
Cheri, thank you 1000 times over for your continued support and value! I have benefitted over and over from your coaching!