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Chief Motivational Officer and Founder of Business Victories

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Cheri has worked with so many small business owners who are struggling with modern marketing. By 2011 she decided to step beyond her private 1-on-1 business coaching clients and began teaching to audiences throughout Colorado and Utah. 

What Cheri quickly discovered was that these audiences of small business owners were indeed extremely hungry for the information she had to share. Whether she is speaking to local Chambers, through the Small Business Development Centers, or other business organizations, there was a common theme: the business owners and their key personnel were energized and inspired in believing they could also create the marketing messages that Cheri was sharing with them.

Her speaking workshops have included email marketing, social media (most recently Instagram), and web development. In addition, the all critical importance of creating strong and valuable content that matters to their customers.

Most recently, Cheri has begun to share keynotes such as “How to Think Like an Entrepreneur” giving hope and inspiration to the critical mindset of the small business owner. Her inspiring words of hope and her trademark Victory message have given audiences pause to rethink about the way they can achieve less stress in finding success in their business.

By using the word “Victory” as an architectural dance for continuity in each of her workshops, breakout sessions, and keynotes, Cheri is transforming the way that small business owners look at the way they approach their business.



“Victory happens one moment at a time.”
- Cheri Ruskus

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About This Keynote

Visions of victory is the the key mindset ingredient to rising above the noise consistently in today’s world of business. An Entrepreneur must be ensured they can create and implement new, innovative ideas on a regular basis. This of course is no small task - especially when faced by inner and outer critics who say it can’t be done.

Together in this keynote presentation, Cheri Ruskus will engage the audience members to understand their unique definition for Victory. How they can better propel their small business or non-profit towards new heights while enjoying the ride.

Featuring The 7 Elements of Victory

Understanding what it is that they bring to the table that makes a difference for their customers past, present, and future. Increasing the quality of outputs that matter in order to make relevant and needle moving choices.

The ability to create new ideas and get clear on the vision for the future with clarity and excitement. The implementation of today’s current ideas by using creative flow throughout their organization.

Growth and moving past the comfort zone trap with the confidence are dependent on bold moves that get taken on a regular basis. Gain clarity guide the organization forward.

Our most precious commodity, looking at how to approach the most important things to be done and insuring that systems are built around them throughout every function of the organization from sales to marketing and into accounting.

When ownership is fully embraced by owners and non-owners alike everyone becomes 100% accountable for making the organization goals a reality. Entrepreneurs with the ability to wear the shoes of multiple roles including CEO are the ones who win.

The key measuring point for business and non-profits alike. We will look at how this critical function will be achieved without having it overshadow everything. Getting clear on the steps needed to create a consistent revenue map.

How we take care of our individual mind and body makes all the difference. Gain the important understanding about the foundational essentials from morning meditation for our mind to honoring the health of our bodies through morning momentum.


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About This Workshop

With a handful of social media platforms out there how do you choose the best one for your business?

How do you make it effective with a good ROI as it integrates with your other marketing efforts?

In this workshop we are going to dig into one of the top business social media choices today, Instagram.

  • Understand how to integrate your Instagram strategy with website and email marketing to create stronger relationships and social proof.

  • Discover the world of #hashtags and decide which ones will work best for your business.

  • Create shortcuts allowing you to spend just 20 minutes per day on this platform.

  • Get creative using unique content, quality images and captions as you gain insights on how to do it all just using your smart phone.

By understanding the platform, creating great content, and eliciting engagement from followers that matters, you will be able to tap into the many reasons why Instagram has become a top social media marketing performer.

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Please note there is also an Instagram for Business: Advanced Strategies also available as a follow-up to this workshop.


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About This Keynote

This presentation gets to the why, the who, and the where in creating a marketing plan that rocks for todays marketing platforms. Audience members will fully see how they can move away from manipulation and enjoy the acceleration of using heart-felt marketing strategies.

The Why
Audience members will gain clarity on the importance of understanding the why of their business and how it comes through in their marketing messages to be delivered.

The Who
Understand the importance of having a target audience and who are the people they want to reach and what makes them tick. 

The Where
Finally we will discuss the platforms that marketing today must be shared on and the intricate balance between website, email marketing and social media.


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About This Workshop

Inconsistent sales in business is often brought on by the lack of consistency of a customer connection system.  A customer is defined as someone who buys goods and services. It’s important to remember such a system must work with past, present and future customers in order to bring in consistent sales results.

This workshop will allow participants to rethink the key tools they use in order to assist in strong customer engagement. A system that supports and becomes a partner to marketing and sales efforts as well.

Discover how to ask the right questions, how and when to tell the organizations story, and how to deliver what you promise while always delivering follow-up that is welcomed. This can be done in conjunction with keeping sales integrity intact throughout the customer engagement process by not using pushy and unauthentic sales tactics.

Learn the process required in order to provide a customer centric sales funnel that includes a customer relationship management system (CRM), Social Media, Email, and other customer engagement tools online. A system and attitude that is focused on the key retention elements for past, present and future customers to fully be engaged in the process.

Consistently having value-added offerings that translate into positive customer engagement keeps traction for long-term customer success.


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What others are saying:

"Cheri Ruskus is an outstanding speaker! The East Colorado SBDC has partnered with Cheri frequently with her leading live workshops and webinar presentations. Working with Cheri and the Victory Circles has been truly rewarding!"
- Kyla Benson, Associate Director - East Colorado SBDC 

"Five Stars for Cheri Ruskus as she brings personal experiences from her own life alive for the audience to continually drive home that it takes courage to be the difference. Here in Artesia, NM Cheri has motived us on many levels – from a Domestic Violence Awareness keynote to teaching Main Street’s businesses in marketing and entrepreneurship…she hits the mark. Everyone leaves with at least one kernel of courage to start or maintain his or her journey. "

Laurie Scholtz, Executive Director - Artesia Arts Council

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and your talents. Your presentation was so well received by everyone in attendance and packed a very powerful message for all of us. We so appreciate of you and your support of the Eric Chamber.”

- Elle Cabbage, Executive Director – Erie Chamber of Commerce


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