Jay Conrad Levinson – The Founder of the Guerilla Marketing empire was a brilliant man. During an opportunity to interview him in 2006 he shared this five minute marketing plan. He worked passionately at marketing until sadly his death at the age of 80 in October of 2013.

His theory and belief was that marketing is instinctual. “We tend to put too much thought into marketing and that can cause us to lose our gut instinct.” His recommendation was to take approximately 5 minutes and answer these 7 questions. The key is to not overthink your answers.

  1. What physical act do you want someone to do in response to your marketing efforts?


  2. What is our main competitive advantage – even one thing you can do that your competition can’t?


  3. Who is your target audience?


  4. What are your marketing weapons?


  5. What is your niche – what do you do?


  6. Describe your identity, your personality in the business?


  7. What is your marketing budget?
    (a good figure to use is 10% of gross sales) 

For extra credit, submit your answers to these questions in the comments below!