"Focus on capturing a story." - Andrew Studer

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Pictures are an important part of our culture today. We are living in an amazing time when we have such access to take digital pictures that can be consumed online within minutes. Taking and sharing pictures can be a very important element in the efforts to get your messages heard especially for your business.

Taking pictures that are a bit edgy and get remembered takes courage… just like so many other things in life that can be a little intimidating at first. When you share any new skill set with others you might not be so great at first but then you get better and better.

I have found that sharing pictures online pushes you to be better because you have an audience watching.

Long gone are the days of taking a picture hoping it came out okay as you waited a week or two to have the film developed. Only then could you determine if you should have taken another shot or if it was really in focus, and then… well it was too late.

What if you started capturing the world around you more often just because you easily can?

Through the magic of Instagram this past week I was able to view some pretty amazing pictures of the beauty of the solar eclipse we got the chance to experience here in North America. With only 90% coverage here in Colorado, we didn’t get to witness the amazing total eclipse in person…

As the pictures started showing up online from those who were in parts of the country where there was a total eclipse it was phenomenal. That is what’s awesome about photography - you can take someone from the other side of the continent and share a visual moment with them.

The Instagram picture that stood out from all the rest for me was this one taken by Andrew Studer (www.andrewstuder.com) a very talented photographer based in one of the hot spots to be for the total solar eclipse - Oregon.

I had the further good fortune to connect online with Andrew a few days later and have him share some great insights that have become this weeks Courage to be the Difference podcast.

In the podcast Andrew shares how this amazing shot came to life – a very cool story. He also shares some great tips how you can take some great pictures as well.

Most of us carry a mobile phone around with us each day. Andrew shared something I have known to be true, that a mobile phone is a great place to start in photography. It is amazing what our phones can capture.

I encourage you to open your eyes a little wider to see the shots you might have otherwise missed. I also encourage you to appreciate the work that goes into epic shots from photographers around the world. Use their vision along with your own to see things you many have never seen before.

It really is a whole new way to be in the moment and get the perfect shot on life.



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