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In addition to our coaching programs we love to create Victory in a variety of ways. This includes sponsorships for our podcasts as well as partners hosting and sponsoring the variety of motivational workshops presented by our Founder Cheri Ruskus.  These are always on small business topics from Marketing to Mindset.

The Courage to be the Difference Podcast releases episodes every Friday and features entrepreneurs and creatives from around the globe. Take a look at our Podcast page to get a better understanding of our content and see if you have an interest in becoming a sponsor.  Sponsors are given 30 second sound bites that are shared by our host Cheri Ruskus. Sponsorship rates vary by amount of listens.

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Workshops and Webinars
These live events are presented always in a fun, interactive, educational and non-salesy format. Our live workshops are based in Colorado, USA but are open to other areas as well.

Bring in Cheri Ruskus for a ½ or full day event. Costs vary depending on the end results you would like to see happen for your organization.  Fill out the form below and let us know what you are thinking.

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Current Workshop/Webinar Speaking topics include:

  • Find the Courage to be the Difference
  • Good Marketing Vibes
  • Create a Never Ending Sales Funnel
  • Content that Drives Social Media and Email Marketing Success

If you are interested in collaborating with the Victory Circles then complete the short form below to schedule a time to chat and see if our brands are a great fit for each other. We look forward to the possibility of working with your organization!

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Local Partners

Since every CreativeMornings event is free of charge, each of our chapters looks to local sponsors to help provide breakfast, coffee, a welcoming venue and more. It’s thanks to these sponsors that CreativeMornings remains open and accessible to everyone (that’s willing to wake up!)

Sponsoring a CreativeMornings event is a great way to reach your city’s creative community whether you’re just interested in supporting the local chapter, launching a product or hiring new design talent.


What usually happens at a CreativeMornings?
Registration for each event opens at the beginning of the week on our website. If you get a ticket, you can show up (events are usually on Friday morning) and enjoy breakfast with a short talk that’s related to the monthly global theme. You’ll meet like-minded people and by 10am you’re off to start your work day.



CreativeMornings/Mexico City

How do sponsors help?
Most chapters accept both monetary and in-kind sponsorship. The goal is to provide free breakfast, coffee, a venue as well as cover other event costs such as videographers, rentals, and more.



I’m interested! Who do I talk to?
Each local host is in charge of their own sponsors. You can get in contact with any of our chapters here. If you’d like to speak to someone about getting involved on a larger level, you can reach out to CM/Headquarters using the same form.