Good Morning!

Well we have been at the practice of Morning Momentum now for 7 days! How quickly the time has passed. How have you been doing with keeping your dedicated time to this practice each morning?

Are you beginning to feel like this could be a positive and transformational habit in your life?

If you have been feeling distracted and unable to concentrate then this morning’s message is definitely one to pay extra close attention to. 

Over the course of your lifetime you have started your morning no doubt in a variety of ways that have melted into your morning habit. Change can be difficult and here’s more on that today.

Morning Momentum is hosted by Cheri Ruskus, CEO of Business Victories. We are a coaching organization based in Boulder, CO that empowers business owners to increase self-confidence and discover new ways to adapt to modern marketing tools. If you are ready to grow your business to the next level we encourage you to check out The Victory Program.

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