Good Morning! 

Once you have gotten your head into a good space through all that we have discussed so far in this program it’s time to start to think about how you will best achieve what you want in the day before you.   

This is the element of planning your day thoughtfully, calmly and with a focus that will allow you to bring towards your day what you want.  Not always what the world demands of you.

I am going to introduce to you today a tool that is another game changer. I call it the Daily Output Tracker.

Download the PDF that is along with this mornings recording and bring it with you to work on after you finish your morning momentum practice that you have built up to this point. Once your meditation and quiet time, reading, etc is over head into this next element especially during the work day. 

Morning Momentum is hosted by Cheri Ruskus, CEO of Business Victories. We are a coaching organization based in Boulder, CO that empowers business owners to increase self-confidence and discover new ways to adapt to modern marketing tools. If you are ready to grow your business to the next level we encourage you to check out The Victory Program.

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