Good Morning!

As we continue to stretch our mind this morning we are going to incorporate one more element of Intention Cards.  As I shared during the intro to this program Intention cards come in may shapes and sizes.

The goal with adding these cards into the mix of your morning momentum is to add an additional spark to light your fire for the day.  To perhaps confirm or shift your thinking a little or maybe even a lot.

In today’s recording I will share more about the power of using these cards and recommend my favorite deck, Selves in Box by J. Tamar Stone.

Morning Momentum is hosted by Cheri Ruskus, CEO of Business Victories. We are a coaching organization based in Boulder, CO that empowers business owners to increase self-confidence and discover new ways to adapt to modern marketing tools. If you are ready to grow your business to the next level we encourage you to check out The Victory Program.

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