Good Morning!

Now starts your commitment to giving yourself the best morning possible with time that belongs solely to you. You are going to begin starting this morning with a new attitude as you begin your days focused on strengthening your inner self – with good old fashioned “me” time.

My name is Cheri Ruskus and I am delighted to be your guide through this process. Today for our first morning together be sure to find a quiet spot somewhere where you can’t be interrupted and let’s begin to gain the momentum you desire to start your day in a whole new way.

Remember I am dripping this information to you in short snippets over 21 days because I know you have a lot going on and want you to ease into this ritual you are creating for yourself.

Listen to this recording on your mobile device if possible so that you can jump right into your first Morning Momentum practice.

The tools you will need are simply a yoga mat or pillow if you don’t have a yoga mat. I would recommend that you do make that investment into the yoga mat moving forward.

Morning Momentum is hosted by Cheri Ruskus, CEO of Business Victories. We are a coaching organization based in Boulder, CO that empowers business owners to increase self-confidence and discover new ways to adapt to modern marketing tools. If you are ready to grow your business to the next level we encourage you to check out The Victory Program.

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