Gain proper support & accountability

I founded the Victory Circles in 2006 because there weren’t many options to sit down and talk openly and honestly with a group of peers. By brainstorming ideas as you honestly share your greatest fears and have the accountability required moving those awesome ideas forward!

The Victory Circles Master Mind Experiences have continued to grow and develop over the years to include a very strong online business-building curriculum.  With a fine timeline and the accountability to get the work done between each monthly meeting there really is no time like the present.

Now add in the power of your one-to-one coaching sessions each month with me, your coach, allowing you for us to dig even deeper to strategize and stay focused on the important elements you need to do now.

Each Victory Circle limited to 8 Entrepreneurs and meets once per month. 

If you have interest in participating in a Victory Circle in order to grow your business and expand your current thinking…  Simply fill out the application below so that we know how to best be of service to you.  We will let you know if there are any current openings. 


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