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Discover positive mental strategies that can drastically improve the health of a business. Start implementing the same elements of success that profitable entrepreneurs use in their daily life.

We are taking these normally private in-person Masterminds and offering them to an online audience. For those of you who aren’t local to the Boulder, CO, USA, area this is a great experience to unlock the power of the mastermind.

Each month we share a new Mastermind topic and watching the recording on demand. Join now to catch up on previous masterminds and mark your calendar for upcoming experiences that will happen monthly through December 2019.


Unlock the Power of 12 Sessions

Set Strong Goals.jpg

Set Strong Goals

Recording available on demand

Learn how to correctly set goals as we help you get crystal clear on where your business is headed. 


Business Confidence

Recording available on demand

Think, plan, and implement a solid sales process that will make your feel confident about your business.


Time Management Tips

Recording available on demand

Get relief from being overwhelmed and stressed out. Start operating on a schedule that gets results.


Self-Control with Money

Recording available on demand

Discover the habits and tools that will get a better handle on how you control your money flow.


Authentic Leadership

Recording available on demand

Let’s define your leadership style: are you a communicator, peace keeper, change agent, motivator, or caregiver.


Spark Imagination

Recording available on demand

Make huge strides for all areas of your business with ideas that build momentum down a colorful road.

Enhance Your Unique Personality.jpg

Unique Personality

Recording available on demand

We will walk through how being unique builds depth with your clients and community.


Accurate Thinking

Recording available on demand

Get thinking exercises that will encourage new innovations allowing your business to develop and grow.


The Art of Concentration

Releases on Sept 4, 2019

Discover new systems and tools for preventing distractions from destroying goals and dreams.


Building Partnerships

Releases on October 2, 2019

Strengthen current relationships as well as finding new partners to create a win/win scenario!


Profiting From Failure

Releases on Nov 6, 2019

Failure is a discovery process. We will find the strengths that allow us to look at the turning points as opportunities to get back up and move towards success.


The Power of Giving

Releases on Dec 4, 2019

When your business is centered around enriching the lives of others, the law of reciprocity creates amazing results for all your hard effort.

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Meet the Host

Cheri Ruskus (@victorygirl) is a Business Growth Coach and the founder of Business Victories. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and her passion in life is helping business owners find clarity and confidence. Her 30+ years of entrepreneurship includes owning a telephone answering service, leasing executive office space, and hosting business masterminds. This real world experience allows her to easily recognize common business symptoms and guide fellow entrepreneurs towards simple solutions that generate awesome results. Read More >>


What people are saying…

“Cheri came highly recommended from a friend who’d been working with her for a year, having made great progress with her own company. I decided I wanted some of that and joined the Victory Circles. I’ve worked with 2 other businesses coaches, but Cheri takes the cake! I’m learning so much about marketing and how to apply it to my daily work practice with much success. She provides so much good information through the modules on-line, stuff that as a healer, I have never heard of. She presents the info. in such a way that one isn’t overwhelmed by it and she gives good ways to implement each module. I love working with Cheri!” - Helen Knight (Reiki Master and Spiritual Alchemist at Dreamtime Healings)

“Being a part of the Victory Program has been like having my own board of advisors and support team who not only give me guidance and structure for my business, but help me to feel like I am not alone too. I cherish this team of women to hold my feet to the fire and reflect back to me my highest goals when I start to get off track. Cheri is a wonderful coach and really helps business owners stick to the foundational principles that work time and time again.” - Nicole Irlbeck (Owner at Restoration Fitness)

“Cheri has been my biz mentor going on 4 years now. She shows up for me every single session with clarity and focus. Yesterday, she did it again.I’m always growing and changing in my business. Sometimes I get into pickles where I’m not so sure how to take the next step or how things will work out. Cheri came in for me like a laser beam yesterday and helped me arrange my work for 2018 like a pro. By the end of our conversation, I felt 10 pounds lighter and had a huge amount of anxiety go poof.Golly, I am so grateful to have Cheri Ruskus on my side. You can find her too at Thanks Cheri - can’t wait to see how all this unfolds.” - Kristin Savory (Thyroid Therapist at

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Starting at signup, membership unlocks instant access to previous Mastermind recordings. Each module includes workshop downloads to follow along with and deepen your business growth. These Masterminds cover many topics, from mindset to marketing, and are on-demand for you to use at your own pace. Each month in 2019 a new Mastermind will be recorded.

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