Victory Circles Victory Program Coaching Agreement and Application

  1. I understand that this agreement is between myself and my Business Coach, Cheri Ruskus. It is an agreement based in integrity and my desire to succeed.

  2. Over the course of my time in this program and beyond it, I will always strive to put my best foot forward by utilizing all the tools made available to me to increase the profitability and overall enjoyment of my business. This is both for the short-term and immediate growing pains my business may be currently experiencing, as well as planning for the long-term success of the business.

  3. I will make the time available that is necessary to do the work required in this program. To do this I will remember that it is required for me to regularly be working “on” my business as opposed to always “in” my business.

  4. I no longer want to just be self-“employed” I want to be involved as the CEO of my company routinely working through the five important pillars of my business including Administration and Finance, Sales, Marketing, Product/Service Production and Customer Service. Making sure that nothing is left vulnerable to causing damage to the business because it has been left unattended.

  5. I will be honest to myself as well as my Coach. When things are not going as planned I will be mindful to carefully pay attention to what steps need to happen next. I will make every effort to get a clear picture of what is really going on around me in order to strategically move forward.

  6. If ongoing work on the business cannot be accomplished as I had hoped due to other factors in my business or life demanding my attention, I will send an email or make a call to my coach to explain the situation. I will not – just not do it and let it fall to the wayside.

  7. As I determine the Definite Chief Aim for the business moving forward I will incorporate it into the foundation of the leadership I bring to my organization and my community.

  8. I will remember that profitability is my top priority in keeping my business healthy and vibrant. It actually is required to keep my passion for my business alive. With that said I realize the importance of my personal life and will give both the attention they deserve. Being on the job 24/7 is no way to run a business and I will strive to keep my personal life in sync.

  9. I agree that running a small business is complex and not necessarily something that I innately should know how to do…especially in the areas that I have had no previous experience. I am open to the learning process.

  10. I also realize that I cannot do everything myself. I must build a solid team around me of professionals that will allow me to grow my business. This can include everything from marketing assistance to financial expertise and professional recommendations.

  11. Finally, I will make the commitment to take care of my physical being as a part of this program – remembering a sound body and mind is what make good business decisions. Stress breeds from lack of good body care, and over stressed individuals make poor business decisions. That includes adding fun into the mix of my business and life whenever possible!


If the above terms sound agreeable please fill out the application below so we can get a sense of where you currently stand and what you are trying to achieve in the year ahead. Once your application is received Cheri Ruskus will reach out to you to schedule a telephone conversation to answer any additional questions.

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