With this program you will become the funnel of information your clients and potential clients count on!

cheri ruskus

Cheri Ruskus

Business Strategist & Program Host

With over 20 years of entrepreneurship under my wings, the thriving new digital marketing platforms are allowing small businesses to compete easily and effectively with big companies that have dominated the market for so many years.

What is now getting the sale is the connection the user has to your brand. At the every end of a comment or a 'like', or a 'share' is a real person who feels a connection that particular piece of content.

That's why I created this program - to get you consistently creating great content around a product or service that engages with your customers and potential customers.

Email Marketing Mastery

Course Outline

Session 1: The Message

  • Learn content strategies and insights as to what works and what doesn’t
  • Get clear on your short term and long term strategies
  • Learn when to borrow and when to create
  • Understand keywords and subject lines

Session 2: The Audience

  • Define and understand your target audience
  • Where to start and expand current lists
  • Engaging joint venture partners with promotional launches or events

Session 3: The Look

  • Embracing your brand in the email template you choose
  • Explore options in the Constant Contact technology
  • Current layout evaluations: what is working and what is not!

Session 4: The List

  • Learn the psychology behind opt-ins as well as what works and what doesn’t
  • Understand the basic technology piece to having online and mobile opt-ins working
  • Build an auto responder campaign
  • The importance of testing, testing, testing!

Session 5: The Results

  • Report results and Search Engine Optimization
  • Look at what "open" and "click through" rates mean
  • How to measure and adjust your results

Session 6: The System

  • Creating a system that delivers consistently
  • Moving towards long-term success for years to come
  • Getting clear on who will do what

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Thank you! Thank you! For all you did to get me redirected and on my path with my website and blog. In the process creating the supportive structure for me to express myself differently and effectively was a great gift Cheri!
— Jani McCarty, Love & Light Transformational Life Coach
The e-mail marketing class was great! Cheri has a laser focus on the details and nuances of Constant Contact extending to electronic communication in general. She exhorts you to see and understand how these apply to the marketing strategy of your business right now. This was just the kind of coaching I needed.
— Art Ives, The Way of Running
Cheri’s Email Marketing Mastery workshop really works! The content is excellent and very professionally delivered. Cheri’s knowledge is superb and she provides so much value, which is very typical of Cheri. And, most importantly, it got me off dead center because I had been procrastinating about getting my blog and email notifications going. I’m blogging weekly now and look for every opportunity to expand my all important list. Thank you, Cheri. You helped me reach one of this year’s goals!
— Joanne Thompson, Yoga for Self
Working with Cheri and the Victory Circles team helped me launch the first phase of a website that I’ve dreamed of for years and, at long last, send the inaugural issue of a weekly newsletter. I’ve only just begun, and Cheri’s Email Marketing Mastery course is helping me continue to stay clear and focused as I move toward this dream.
— Cindy Reinhardt, SuccessZone