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March - Managing Time Online

Here are some tools to help you be the most effective with your time online

1) Download Your Five Minute Online Health Check: 5 Minute Online Health Check Up

2) View the Webinar Replay of Manage Your Time Online

3) Get a Free Trial of Constant Contact: Try it Free for 60 Days

Tech Tip of the Day:

On April 21, 2015 Google will be adding to its SEO mandatory algorithm criteria the element of having your website mobile friendly. Is this important to your companies website rankings? Yes!

Try this quick tester to see if your website is mobile friendly

Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign Now

Just sending something out doesn’t cut it. Effective Email Marketing requires an understanding of how users engage with information, and why they sometimes don’t. We have created a program that gives you a solid understanding and foundation of this modern marketing tool. Become the funnel of information your clients and potential clients count on!

From the Program:
The 5 Essentials of Rich Content

1) Enrichment What can your message add to the lives of others? How can you be the funnel of information for what interests them while sharing your expertise and knowledge to a pre-qualified audience.

2) Endurance Build a list that lasts the test of time as you create an expectation from your audience with consistent content derived from a well thought out content calendar that shares your business expertise. 

3) Engagement Create the coveted know, like and trust factor as you inspire and motivate your interested audience to become raving fans. 

4) Expertise Create messages that people read and look forward to because you are an expert that people come to for the right information. This will cross over into blogging and social media as well.

5) Edutainment Discover the learning entertainment value that your product possesses or can begin to possess through interactive media –  most especially video.  

Ready to take your results to the next level?

Your Coach, Trainer, and Facilitator

Cheri Ruskus

Author, Business Strategist, & Founder of the Victory Circles

Cheri is a passionate about seeing small businesses finding clarity to achieve the initial vision that got them started on their entrepreneurial journey in the first place. Her goal in training with Constant Contact is to allow business owners to fully implement a strong online skill set in this modern marketing arena that we live in. 

With great online tools like Email Marketing and social media, Cheri believes that these thriving online marketing platforms allow small businesses to compete easily and effectively with big companies that have dominated the market for so many years.

Cheri has been an entrepreneur for 25+ years. She has been using Email Marketing since the early days of painfully slow dial-up, to the incredible wireless and mobile technology that we have today. Her weekly email publication – The Victory Letter – have been published weekly for the past 12 years. 

The success in this ongoing email effort through the change of technology has not only given her high open rates and consistent content, but the knowledge of publishing 2 books. Learn More about her most recent book: 
Victory One Moment at a Time – Unlocking the Power of the Master Mind. In 2011-2013, she was awarded the Constant Contact All Star Award and in 2014 became Master Certified with Constant Contact.


Through 1-on-1 coaching sessions, webinars/live events, and online programs, Cheri has seen what works and what doesn’t. She caters to those who are looking to achieve more in their business the most efficient and effective way possible.