The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low and we reach it.
— Michelangelo

This week let’s talk about the the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) that must actively oversee and orchestrate everything in a business. 

While an Entrepreneur can be more of a dreamer and innovator there must be the control of the CEO mindset to keep the Entrepreneur thinking more strategically at times.

The CEO must also insure that the Manager is getting the required tasks completed and all systems are continuously set to go.

The role of a CEO may seem daunting and out of reach – practically speaking it is not. Like any other skill set you simply need to look at what is required and dive in. A CEO puts their shoes on one foot at a time just like you and me.

When you get to the office every morning you must take the birds eye view of everything that is required, dedicate yourself to making everything happen through effective communication, and develop methods for implementation.

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The most common road block I see for my clients in becoming an amazing CEO in their business is the fear of making a wrong decision. This fear of indecision can leave us making no decision at all.  As a result, many critical tasks go undone and the business has a much higher potential to fail. No decision is still a decision… you decide not to act.

If you only call yourself the “Owner” of a business, what stops you from giving yourself the full title of  “CEO” and the responsibilities (and rewards) that come along with it?

Several years back I interviewed Debra Benton author of How To Think Like a CEO – 22 Vital Traits to Be the Person on the Top.  This book has sat on my book shelf for over 20 years and is a great source when I feel I need to buff up my CEO muscles.

Here are those vital traits for you to consider today and ask yourself where you stand with each of them. Some may actually surprise you. ;)

  1. Secure in Self 
  2. In Control of Attitude 
  3. Tenacious  
  4. Continuously Improving
  5. Honest and Ethical 
  6. Thinking Before Talking 
  7. Original Ideas  
  8. Publicly Modest 
  9. Aware of Style
  10. Bold/A Little Wild 
  11. Humorous 
  12. A Tad Theatrical 
  13. Detail Oriented 
  14. Good at Job and Willing To Do What It Takes
  15. Fighter for Your People 
  16. Willing to Admit Mistakes
  17. Straightforward
  18. Nice 
  19. Inquisitive 
  20. Competitive 
  21. Flexible 
  22. Good Storyteller

While these are a lot of traits to try to take on all at once, what if you took them on one at a time? For example, the trait that I need to focus on is to be more detail oriented and that is going to get my full attention right now. What about you?

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In this week’s podcast I dive into each of these characteristics to share a little more depth in becoming the best CEO that you can be for your business.  Tap here to listen.

Here’s to an awesome week ahead!   

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