In a given week, day, month and year how much of your time do you spend worrying about what might happen in a not so great way? You know those late-night “staring at the ceiling” stress filled moments when you are envisioning everything that could go wrong, going wrong.

 The acronym that came to me when a client was having the daytime version of worrying was this…

 W  Wasted

O   Overwhelm

R    Ruining

R    Radiant

Y    You

The thing is she wasn’t alone. I get a number of clients that I have to talk off the ledge as the saying goes because of too much worry leading to hopelessness.

What is the story you tell yourself when you allow worry to squeeze out the picture of your dreams and hopes for today, heading right into tomorrow?

How much of your time, energy and efforts do you spend worrying about something that never comes to fruition? Or how often do things just not happen at all because you are worrying so much. Leaving you worse off because of the worry not so much because of what you are worrying about.

Feelings of rejection, fear, shame, stress, depression and loneliness are just a few of the emotions that worrying can lead us towards. Not a pretty picture. Especially, if we do it on a regular basis.

The worst part, if we allow worry to fully take over our mindset we can end up either taking no action because we get ourselves into such a state of overwhelm, or we come towards the problem or situation with such hesitation that we never gain full momentum in the action we want to achieve.

Here is an exercise to help you start to get the upper hand of your worries by taking action…

Write down everything and I mean everything you are worried about right now or have been worried about in the last 30 days. The key here is to be specific.  For example, don’t just write the word money (a top worrier topic), write something to the tune of – Creating enough money to pay the mortgage. Then ask yourself the reason for that worry, how long you have you been having this worry, and then what action steps can you take to keep the issue you are worried about from happening.

In other words, the more we can really hone in on what the source of where the worry is coming from, the more we can actually find the solutions through action steps to eliminate the worry. I have created a Worry Less Worksheet that you can download here. Keep it handy and the next time you are in that place start taking matters into your own hands.

Worry less, smile more.  In fact, try it right now – smile – yes I mean really smile. It’s funny how this simple action can make our troubles dissipate as well.

I hope you find yourself singing those words to the song … Don’t Worry – Be happy! 


To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus, Business Growth Coach • 303-652-1718 • @victorygirl

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