A responsible Warrior is not someone who takes the weight of the world on his shoulders, but someone who has learned to deal with the challenges of the moment.
— Paulo Coelho, Warrior of Light

As entrepreneurs we must possess a warrior mindset in order to fully get our ideas out into the world.  Even the birds that have begun singing again in the morning do it with the mindset of a warrior – they accept challenges that matter most to them and their nest.

5 key elements that are needed by each of us in business to sing our song loud and clear:

  • Courage (Wind)
  • Creativity (Fire)
  • Customer (Earth)
  • Content (Metal)
  • Consistency (Water)

For those of you who have been reading this letter for some time, you know how much I have come to love the quest of the small businessperson, the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneurs who wake up every morning to create a better world for not only themselves and their family but also the people who make their business possible their customers – past, present and future.

I had a number of part time jobs along my way when I started working as a teenager.  My first official career job was a short, painful phase in 1976 the banking world.  I just didn’t feel connected and my days became robotic.

My career really became one I loved in 1978 when I started working for a small backpacking company in Southern California, Wilderness Experience.  Honestly, when I answered the ad for the job I thought I was applying to some kind of customer service position at an animal park in the wild of Southern California.

Quickly I learned about the passion not only of these two brothers who were creating great outdoor gear but the mom and pop retail shops that were selling their gear across the globe.  I fell in love with making a difference by offering a great product that came with great service.

Through that job I found another great love, Colorado.  I moved to Boulder in 1982.  Not long after, I started my first business, Business Answers, a telephone answering service.  I built the business to offer 50 other local small business owners the power of my staff becoming their staff and helping them to grow their business.

After 16 years I sold that business and began my journey of self discovery asking what I truly wanted as an entrepreneur. I knew my quest would always involve working with other entrepreneurs and I became a Business Coach. Seven years later I founded the Victory Circles in 2006. 

Many business challenges have come my way to bring me here to 2018. Each leg of journey has evolved me into a marketing warrior. The world is full of challenges and each challenge makes you stronger.  That is why I want to share my knowledge with you!

The messages we share can make all the difference in changing the world around us. Warriors get their message out in a clear and succinct way in a very noisy marketplace.

In today's toolbelt I am sharing an opportunity for you to come on a 9-day virtual challenge with me. However, only those who truly want to be a Marketing Warrior,getting their message out into the world in a bigger and brighter way should join in. This challenge is open to all marketing experience levels and has a very small cost for entry.

Wishing you a week full of strength. Acknowledge your wisdom and accept challenges that matter most to you. 

Marketing Warrior Challenge

Discover the 5 elements of Victory: Courage, Creativity, Customer, Content and Consistency. 

Sharing the message of your business with the world takes on a variety of elements with the power of action to take them all on. Start this challenge that over the course of 9 days will have you grow into a Marketing Warrior. This content in this challenge will be available to you on-demand for as long as you need it.

Cost: $14
Open to all marketing experience levels.