Vulnerability is the best measure of courage.
— Brene Brown

We each have the opportunity to stand in the moment to consider whether to move through the challenges life may present to us, or stay stuck in the overwhelm they bring. When we move away from the stuck place, we face the ultimate fear attached to being vulnerable.

Let’s face it - some obstacles presented by our challenges are small and some are gigantic.

In this weekly letter I have come to share many personal elements of my life with you because we all have stuff going on that makes us vulnerable – myself included. Every morning when we open our eyes anything is possible.

On March 30th after an incredibly valiant fight a dear and sweet little girl who became a cancer warrior, Hazel Hammersley, lost her battle. It was especially heartbreaking because she was only 7 years old.

Hazel Angel.PNG

Hazel had contracted Neuroblastoma, a very nasty cancer. I knew of Hazel’s journey because she is the grandniece of my dear and lifelong friend Laura, who was my knight in shining armor during our time together in high school.

Hazel’s family including Laura fought long and hard over the past 5 years watching the cancer come and go. What is really unique about their story is how open and vulnerable they allowed themselves to be beginning with Hazel’s initial cancer treatments when she was only 2 years old.

Sharing Hazel’s journey with the world allowed hundreds of thousands of people to connect with them online via social media and at the many cancer fund raisers they participated in and orchestrated along the way. The people they connected with gave Hazel, her family, and many other’s in the cancer battle so much support throughout this most difficult journey.

Hazel’s mother, Lauren, wrote many beautiful and detailed blog posts along the way to keep everyone informed.  Her final Facebook Live broadcast (because as she said, she just couldn’t write the words) a few weeks before Hazel passed showed remarkable bravery as she shared with the world that all hope was gone – the cancer had taken over.

You can learn more about Hazel’s journey on either Facebook or Instagram. My love and prayers are with Hazel’s very special family as they now cope with this huge loss in their lives.

While our own vulnerabilities are not always so dramatic, the fear they activate can stop us from fully living this precious life we have been given.

Taking action of some kind brings with it the much-needed element of courage. 

With a strong dose of courage in hand we can find the way to stop tolerating our need to hide out in the extreme discomfort of our “comfort zone.”

Heading into this week think where the fear of being vulnerable may have you stuck on any aspect of your life.  How can you take action today in order to engage the courage that you need to rise up and do what matters most to you and those who matter most to you?

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Living Brave with Brene Brown and Oprah Winfrey

In this 20 minute episode Brene Brown interviews Oprah Winfrey. They go deeper into this subject of vulnerability.  I love this conversation between two great women icons of our time that have shown great vulnerability in sharing their message with the world. I hope you find strength in it as well.

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