“Success is won by the person who understands how to use their own power of thought.” – Napoleon Hill

There I was a two week ago Saturday on my bike in the beautiful Yampa Valley just outside of the Steamboat Springs, Colorado city limits.  I had already biked about 10 fairly easy miles when ahead of me I saw it…the climb that I knew was coming…

 Has that ever happened to you where you know there is no going back - only forward and the climb (no matter what it is) has to be carefully constructed in your mind to get all the moving parts to happen as you plan.


In my case the moving parts were my body and my new bike - who I fondly have named Cherry. There were five components I thought of as I cycled those miles up that mountain to bring me to success, knowing that climbs in our lives come in all shapes and sizes.


1.     Preparation and a game plan.

2.     Removing all other distractions, knowing that mind over matter always is best.

3.     Belief in the vision of getting to the top being imperative.

4.     Feeling the pain and doing it anyway.

5.     Trust - including a team around you that you can count on.


Join me in this week’s podcast as I “climb” higher into this topic. I will also be talking about the subject that comes up in my work quite a bit around when do you call a business a business and not a hobby, or a life and money suck. Some of what I have to share may just surprise you!  Let’s climb together!


Here’s to an awesome month of August my favorite month of the year!

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

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