Work is love made visible.
— Kahil Gabran

A family tradition has so sweetly been brought to life over the last couple of years as my grown children have grown older, and that is to sit down and do our annual goals together. Since we were together as a family over the Thanksgiving holiday we went ahead and created our individual one page 2019 goals several weeks ago. Now we can cheer each other on!

It feels good to have my goals ready to go at this point of the game so that over the next few weeks I can plan the action steps I need to take to make them actually happen. Because without goals and the plan that backs them up we can find ourselves shooting from the hip everyday and not getting to where we want to go.

So today I thought I would share with you this goal setting process complete with the download for the one-page goal setting sheet:

2019 Goals Worksheet.png

Tap Here to Download Worksheet

How to Use

Since life is multi-faceted and not all about work or all about play the goals are broken down into 6 areas to cover the whole beautiful thing: 

From Top to Bottom

  1. Health – no mistake it comes first because without it…we are in a mess of trouble.

  2. Love – simply put it does make the world go around.  Who is going to fill your heart this year and how will you deepen the love you have in your life?

  3. Career – That place where we spend most of our waking hours. How will you give it purpose and meaning in the year ahead? Or, enhance the purpose and meaning you already have working for you.

  4. Money – Another key element that makes the world go around. Career helps us to earn it and then what?  How much is enough and what does it mean to you?

  5. Friends – While love is utilized in friendships, this category is about taking stock of friendships and who you are spending time with and why? What do you want to see change?

  6. Adventure – Because yes every life needs a little more adventure from travel to doing something you have never done before. What would get your adrenaline pumping in the year ahead?

From Left to Right

  1. Now - Where are you sitting right now in this area?

  2. Future – What do you want to be your future?

  3. How – How will you get from where you are to where you want to be?

For Best Results

Take the time to sit with those who will give you honest feedback (in a good way) and enjoy the process. The sooner you start planting seeds, the sooner they will grow. Make sure to push through any disagreements that come up and complete the worksheet. Your future self will thank you!

Having trouble completing this worksheet? Schedule a clarity session.

Here’s to making our dreams for the year ahead come true as you begin to unwrap the gifts that goals can bring.

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

Phone: 303-652-1718