What we offer each other is our truth and our truth is all of our stuff. How can we accept ourselves more?
— Ram Dass

Somewhere along our journey many of us either got side tracked or stopped all together when it comes to speaking our truth to others. Either by our parents or those in authority from teachers to clergy to bosses. Those who may have had the best of intentions when they responded to us negatively and contrary to what we wanted or were expecting to hear.

The perceived negativity we have encountered over the years can in fact play a pivotal role in our psyche. It can slow us down or even completely stop us from fully trusting the part of our intuition that allows us to execute activities based on communication skills. Activities that bring to life the hopes and dreams we want in our life.

This inability to communicate without fear can in fact hold us back from sharing what we actually want and need from others. Those people who we can help and in turn, can help us along our way.

Butterfly Victorygirl Telluride

Allowing self-negativity like this to go on for too long it can zap us in many areas of our lives.  For example, one area I see the lack of sharing your unique truth come up more often than not is in the fundamental business skill of selling. A skillset that when not utilized can be the downfall of any business.  

Why do you suppose so many avoid selling? Is it lack of worth? Even to the point of letting their business fail? How about missing out on promotions or any kind of increased income? Time and time again I see it come up around the fear of having to hear that dreaded word – No. Or perhaps worse – no response at all.  We can fear not being valued – and let’s face it that can hit us to the core.

The key to moving past the fear is to take the time and the energy to find the right match of people who do want to hear what you have to share from your unique perspective. Not allowing the fear of a perceived rejection to keep you from connecting at all. Every "yes" is built on a mountain of "no's."

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I share this idea more in today’s podcast (linked below) and how we can think differently and use some built-in skill sets to find our source of power in this area. Also, I share in the podcast a recent journey my husband and I went on to the beautiful town of Telluride in southwest Colorado. The mode of transportation once we got there was the free Gondola system which we rode many, many times to get to the mountains hiking trails and down the mountain into town for meals and festivities.

What we found is that we were seated face to face with a number of people from near and far. Being in these little gondola cars high above the earth for up to 20 minutes at a time required us to either ignore the people we were riding with or to begin a conversation. What was remarkable was that the conversations we did have were for the most part rich and inspiring! We began to really enjoy finding out who the surprise connection for the next ride would be.

Each of us needs to communicate with other people our desires, thoughts, and ideas. This is how we share our truth and true self that makes life so much richer in so many ways. Move from the word "no" or even no response at all from another person as not rejection, rather just not a right fit for you and them at this time.

Weekly Challenge

Build at least 1 new Connection based on your mutual truths. 

Pay attention in the week ahead how you move around this concept. Do you find yourself shying away from truthfully asking for what you want? Focus on first accepting your truth - who you are and what you want. Then you can discover how to find more connections who are a good fit for your unique truth.

  • Be authentic to your own needs as you care about theirs as well.
  • Fully listen to what the other person(s) has to say.
  • Once you create a connection enjoy the process of sharing who you are: your ideas, products, or services.
  • Notice what negative “stuff” comes up for you during the process and where it might stem from. 
  • Keep in mind those people who already love what you have to share - what characteristics do you have in common?

Courage to Be the Difference Podcast

Ep. 34 - Unique Connections


To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

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