This morning I am feeling compelled to share with you some thoughts about the personalities of those around us who help to shape our own Unique Personality.  

If you are asking yourself, "did she just quote Dr. Seuss two weeks in a row?" The answer is yes!  

Recently while shopping for some gifts for my grandniece that is scheduled to arrive on this planet any moment now, I got some of these quotes stuck in my head from the great poet.  His words are magical and lead to self exploration in an inviting way.  It seemed important to share this quote on the week of little Emma's arrival.

Dr. Suess's words have got me thinking about what she will be like in her life and what her Unique Personality will be?  Will she be funny and strong willed, like her mom (my sweet niece Meaghan)?  Will she be an extrovert or an introvert? 

Thinking of all the people I know and their unique personalities - including my own two children who have such distinct personalities and ways of doing things. Right, wrong, or indifferent - the ability that we have to each be unique makes the world go round.

In fact, the word "unique" equates to "special" and points to the fact that we all do indeed possess our distinct footprint in the sand.

Have you ever walked through a spider web you didn't see and could only feel it as you walked through it? Living out in the country as I do - there are a lot of spider webs this time of year that can smack you in the face when you least expect it.

The other morning I woke up to fog, which is a bit unusual here in Colorado this time of year. What I found as I went out to my garden for my morning meditation was a magical happening caused by the wetness of the fog bringing all the spider webs around the garden to life.  

What this visual allowed me to do was to see and truly feel the Unique Personality of the beautiful web that each spider had made. During my meditation that followed, it dawned on me how sometimes we don't take the time to stop and really see the Unique Personality of others. Too often we criticize or throw our opinions out about another and our words can damage the "web" that others have carefully made.

Web 1

Web 2

Now share one word in the comments section below that shares the uniqueness of you. I would love to know!

Today’s letter is dedicated to this new personality in our family of little Ms. Emma, whose truer than true self is about to enter this world. The ladybug in today’s Victory pic of the week is in honor of what her mom has dubbed as her new little ladybug.  Join me as we wish a lifetime of joy to this new little family that will bring together it's own Unique Personality.

And to you I wish a week filled of unique experiences as we say goodbye to July and welcome August (my favorite month) into our lives.

To Your Successes and Victories, 
- Cheri 

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles