everywhere is walking distance

A cool thing about the gift of time, when you stop to really think about it, is that it is the one element we each are each given in equal amounts to use as we wish every single day. Of course, for as long as we are breathing on the planet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is ours for the taking.

If you are finding yourself constantly saying “I don’t have enough time to do ____________ (you fill in the blank) then perhaps, a) you really don’t want to be doing whatever is in the blank, or b) you need to change in some form what you are doing with your time to allow you to do so.

Today marks the 27th day of 2014. How has the year passed so far for you? Have you been able to begin to give life to those goals and dreams as you had hoped, or are you still warming up to the possibility of making it happen?

I so get it, stuff happens in our life that we didn’t plan and sends us doing things we don’t really want to do.   However, when it all is said and done we are the captains of this ship of life we are on and the choice ultimately becomes ours.  

Normally the discussions of time and the importance of honoring it are done here in the Victory Letter in March. With the discussion of goals and your definite chief aim this year I have felt compelled to also talk about time now.   And as I shared last week, I even created a workshop around this critical topic that happens last this week live in Denver- check out our Empower section below.

In March, which is amazingly only 5 weeks away, I will be sharing here the time usage experiments we have been up to in preparing for our workshops.

For now, as we approach this last week of January, are you where you wanted to be with those goals you set 27 days ago?

Use the energy of the Chinese New Year this Friday as a compelling catapult.  This Chinese New Year marks the year of the horse, that beautiful creature filled with fire and impulsive energy.   Powerful energy they are saying that should have you making more decisions from your heart, rather than your head. 

Read more here on the year of the Horse from the Western School of Feng Shui. 

When you start to say, “I don’t have enough time" rethink how you are using it and be honest about what is really getting in your way. This can range from putting too much on your plate, not getting enough help (trying to do it all), to not doing the things you really want to be doing. If you are stuck, get some outside perspective.

Remember time being blamed, as “the” problem, is really just an illusion. It is something we don’t own and can’t hold on to. It is however something we can claim by respecting what we want to truly do with the hours we are given.

In the Empower section below you will also find the link to The Victory Circles Radio Hour this week as I interview the author of the highly acclaimed book, NicheCraft, Dr. Lynda Falkenstein. She will be sharing the 9 steps to finding your perfect niche in your business so you can stop wasting your time trying to be everything to everyone.

Every moment is a gift - stay grateful and have an amazing week!

Here is to Your Successes and Victories!

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 

and Founder of the Victory Circles