Thinking Spot

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Out loud.
— Coco Chanel

It really is interesting to think about the space of time between a problem and the solution. What can be surprising is all the goodness that we can find in that space of working out whatever needs to be improved on in our lives.

Many times though we are so anxious and perhaps stress filled in just finding the solution to our problem that we miss the opportunity that the many important lessons to be learned along the way have to offer us.

Last week while on vacation with my dearest childhood friends I found myself on the freeways of Los Angeles. While I have been noticing how much fuller the roadways in Colorado have become here in recent years – nothing just quite compares to those freeways from my youth.

Make great results happen

My mom used to drive an hour each way every weekday from our home in the San Fernando Valley to Downtown LA and she loved it. With nine kids at home at the time I guess there was plenty of reason for her to love having the quiet space of the car all to herself – even if it was in the middle of thousands of commuters.

I never felt that way. With only one long commuting job in my life that lasted barely one month, I found I didn’t like the job so much and the commute just made it a deal breaker.  All I could think about then and still today was the claustrophobia of being in the middle of all those people with no way out at times.

Guess that’s why I split for the wilds of Colorado when I did. I needed the space to think and a whole lot more.

The reason I bring this up is because each of us brings with us our own set of criteria for not only how we think best but where our best thinking spot allows us to make great results happen. 

Home is where the mind is...

The trade off in LA for me this past week was not only being with my girlfriends it was being at the Pacific Ocean. Every morning during this trip I would have an awesome hour-long meditative walk along the shoreline – just the ocean, my coffee and a few other early birds (both literally and figuratively).

I even gave up a couple of day trips with my friends just so I didn’t have to get on those freeways. It kept me sane and was a reminder of the reason that I was there – to relax, have fun, unwind and do some thinking about my life ahead. I am happy to report all that was accomplished :)

Where is your favorite thinking spot?  

The richness of connecting our thinking minds with our surroundings matters. Each of our thinking strategies is as unique as the many other elements of our personality.

Finding a balance for what works for you in the process of your problem solving criteria will give you the ability to easily be decisive and forward thinking. It will allow you to embrace problem-solving time as opposed to running in the other direction. It is really critical to get the most that your individual mind has to offer.

So as you head into your week take notice where the spot(s) are that you think the best and make an extra effort to get there more often.

Happy Thinking!

To Your Success and Victories,

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and
Founder of the Victory Circles