Right in front of me is the opportunity

To put into action,

What I can clearly see,

Filling my senses and being,

With light and clarity.

- Cheri Ruskus, Victory One Moment At A Time

Hope that you had an awesome long weekend as we begin to wrap up the summer of 2019. I say begin because I am just not quite ready to let it go. How about you?

Where does this Tuesday after Labor Day have you sitting in your mind’s eye? Are you ready for the fall season ahead? Are you ready to head towards the last quarter of the year with energy in your heart and clarity in your mind?

This summer I was really blessed to be able to take a step back to thoroughly focus on and enjoy my currents clients. I chose not to do much marketing except for Instagram (because I love being on the platform) and I also chose not teach any live workshops.

My top daily work day goals were to get my clients where they needed to go, ride my bike, play with my pooch, and spend as much time as possible each day in my beloved garden. It really was a summer I will not soon forget.

In other words, I put my focus on personal growth as opposed to only business growth. A sabbatical of sorts to pay attention to my personal life while still keep things rolling along in my business life. This is something I highly recommend you give a try in order to help get rid of any extra noise that may not be serving you. Perhaps if not for a season – for a few weeks at the very least.

It cleared my mind of those darn shoulda’s, woulda’s and coulda’s and got me thinking about what I really want most not only in my business but in my life in general.

One thing I am excited to tell you is that after a summer of sending the Victory Letter only 2 times a month I am back to sending it weekly starting this week (along with a weekly podcast) with the next one coming out again on Sunday. Then each Sunday thereafter.

Here is what I discovered, by sending it only bi-weekly - it took me out of my flow and made it harder to write. Proving that less is not always more.

Flow and habit can make us tick the best. If you wait too long to do anything or don’t keep a particular muscle strong it can get harder to activate. I found this to be true with my writing and creating content.

In the month ahead, I am looking forward to sharing tools to help you engage in and embrace the mastermind principle of Concentration. This principle is based all around the good habits we create for ourselves.

More than ever before as a species we are so distracted by so many things. And one of the greatest distractions is all that we have going on in our head at one time. I don’t know about yours, but my mind can get busier than Grand Central Station some days if I don't watch my mindset.

In today’s podcast I am going to be sharing with you the importance of Thinking Out Loud. Along with it some tips in getting rid of the thoughts that aren’t serving you, also known as worries. Getting them out of your head by talking them out to those who can actually help you. This is really the basic principle behind the theory of the mastermind. Two or minds coming together for the betterment of all concerned.

What would change in your business and your life if you became more look proactive versus always reactive. Join me on the podcast to discover more.

Are you ready to get back into the groove of the season by focusing on the importance of concentrating on what matters most?

Ready, set, let’s go!

To Your Success and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus, Business Growth Coach
cheri@businessvictories.com • 303-652-1718 • @victorygirl

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