All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.
— Napoleon Hill

Today I want to ask you to think about the one idea that has been percolating in your mind for some time but you have yet to take action on it.

Yes, my request is to have you stop in this moment and really think about that idea that won’t go away and then answer these questions.

  1. What excited you the most about this idea when you first thought of it?
  2. What would change in your world or the world around you if this idea actually did came to fruition?
  3. What are the resources you feel that you are lacking to bring this idea to life? (example - time, money, confidence, courage, etc.)
  4. What are some ways that you can begin this week to find the necessary resources?

Ideas can only come to life when we get rid of the perceived obstacles. In the process of keeping our ideas hidden we will never know which idea will change our lives and the lives of others until we actually move forward and act on them.

Think back to the best ideas you have ever had. How long did it take you to act on them and what was the catalyst to finally got you to act on your idea?

In order to further encourage you with this “bringing an idea to life process” this week I am sharing with you part two of Hidden Treasures Podcast on Imagination.

This podcast picks up from last weeks interview from the archives and my interview with Cynthia Morris. We discuss how Cynthia brought to life a 12-year idea in the form of a book. See the link below to listen to Part 2.

If you have an idea that you have brought to life in the form of a business, book, etc. and you would like share with the world please reach out in our contact form. I am currently putting together my schedule for new podcasts in the months ahead and would love to collaborate and share your courage to be the difference with the world.

In the meantime, hope you are enjoying all the blessings of the summer season and letting your imagination have it’s place in the sun.

To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

Phone: 303-652-1718