When you are intentional about anything, anything is possible.
— Cheri Ruskus

Happy New Year!

The calendar has reset itself and along with it our hopes and aspirations for the year ahead.

On this 2nd day of the year I think it’s important to note the significance of January 15th. That’s the date that most people abandon their goals and resolutions for the New Year.  For a variety of reasons we only make it 15 days out of 365.

My question for you in the first week of this bright and shiny New Year: Are you going to allow yourself to be included in that 92% of the people who don’t fully embrace the work required behind achieving goals? Or are you going to be part of the 8% that fully achieves their goals?

Your Inner Marketing Warrior can be of assistance. Over the course of the last five weeks we have been talking about what it takes to win in the game of marketing. 

The short definition of a Marketing Warrior is someone who consistently with purpose and belief shares what’s most important to them and their organization with the outside world. They share it using their creativity, consistency, clarity, content, and belief in being customer centric as we have been talking about here in the Victory Letter.

Along those skill sets comes the 6th and final skill set of a Marketing Warrior that is imperative – just as it is for all of us looking to get those goals and resolutions for 2017 accomplished and that is COURAGE.

This skill requires you pull up your big girl/big boy pants. When the going gets tough you fully and consistently get going. You see past the inner and outer voices telling you to stop, push past the fear and go for it completely without hesitation.

Without a doubt it can be so much easier to hang out on social media or TV, watching other people living their lives. We probably all have that favorite celebrity or Facebook friend that we want to live vicariously through. It’s so much easier to watch someone with a million dollars or the perfect abs than to achieve them ourselves.

When we actually step into the areas of our life that feel uncomfortable, so many dreams and goals that once seemed out of reach are right there for us to call our own.  

If you want a great first step for your goal setting and achievement this year, here is a free download from our Business Immersion Program. This interactive exercise will help you to explore what could be tripping you up the most in achieving your goals and getting you into the top 8%.

So how about it? Ready to make this your year? Deep down you know you can do it and I feel honored to be on the journey with you.  If you have felt a bit powerless in the year gone by… now is the time to fully proclaim your power and implement the changes that will make 2017 your year to remember!

To Your Successes and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles