Do not let kindness and truth leave you. Tie them around your neck. Write them upon your heart.
— Proverbs 3:3-5

Today’s quote were the words spoken by the school principle at the recent graduation ceremony of my nephew and godson Jack as he graduated from Niwot High School.

These words that started off the commencement were a message that touched my heart. I loved how this principle’s intention was to send these students off into the world thinking about two important basic elements that make the world a better place – Kindness and Truth.

With Jack’s graduation gift we gave him a card that contained little colored tissue papers to make wishes on. The idea was to write your wish on the tissue paper and then over the bonfire allow the wish to take air. Sending the wish upwards towards becoming a reality.

What was cool to discover is that if the paper was wadded up and crinkled it would not fly. It had to remain in the original flat state in order to grab the air it needed to fly. That simple balance of air flow made all the difference.

This got me thinking this past week about the energy we can lose if we get too tight in a ball within ourselves and lack the kindness and truth in our lives – both in what we give and what we receive. The result can make us feel stuck and out of sorts. I came to think of changing this energy as “taking air” and allowing ourselves to fly.

As I pondered on this and worked through the process it takes to get back to the place of energy that comes with kindness and truth four key steps we can take became very clear:

1. Remove Judgment

From the person in traffic who isn’t going the pace you want them to go, to people who love you who expect you to do and be more. In other words, stop and look at both those you are judging and others who may be judging you. Take steps to remove those judgements and refocus on what really matters most in order to be kind.  

2. Return to Love

Find the sources that you can give love fully to and who can love you in return. Love as we know is the single most powerful source that can change the world. In many cases here is where the truth in knowing others’ real intentions versus perceived intentions can allow us to love them more.

3. Rejuvenate Your Energy Source

Losing our internal energy can make us lose hope. Stop and assess any situation that isn’t working for the good of all parties including yourself. Find what works specifically for you to get fully back in the game to speak your truth. From taking a walk (or 10), to getting a Reiki treatment, to having a meaningful conversation with a mentor or coach – whatever it is you need.

4. Find Your Inner Creative

This is also known as your Inner Child. Remember her or him? The one who was curious, happiest at play, and had an imagination that took you so many places without leaving your own backyard.  In today’s podcast I am going to talk more about how to connect with this essential ingredient for catching and taking air.  See more below in the Toolbelt.

As Summer officially gets underway with the coming of June get ready to take air and enjoy the beauty of this season. We have focused on imagination during the month of June over the last 11 years here in the Victory Circles because let’s face it there is a special energy with summer that allows our imagination to come out and play.

My best wishes to my godson Jack as he gets ready to set off for CSU in the fall to find his own successes and victories.  ;) 

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Ep. 30 - Finding Your Inner Creative

Courage to Be the Difference Podcast

Creativity lies innately inside each of us. One of our more awesome human conditions.  In this weeks Courage to be the Difference podcast I share with you some tools that will allow you to take the time and space to let your imagination come to life or get even better.  


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