Refine your skills to support your instincts.
— Bonnie Raitt

This morning as I open my eyes I am staring straight into the fact that I turn 60 years old today! What?!

Along with admitting it out loud I have come to realize, as this day got closer that many things were swelling up inside of me as if it were a time of rebirth. Perhaps we should look at each entrance into a new decade that way.

A time to embark into a new knowing of who we are inside cause goodness knows we are changing so much on the outside with each decade’s passing.

Since I don’t fully remember my first decade on the planet so well at 10, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the other 5 decades that I am grateful to have had the honor to embark on.

At 20: Take risks and grow up

I was scared and not ready to be an “adult.” I felt the pressure of what I knew my twenties would bring as I figured out where I was headed and where I needed to go. Turns out I had a premature marriage early on in that decade that did not work out. It did get me to move to Colorado and I moved in next door to the man who would become my life partner. It is also the decade that I became an entrepreneur.

At 30: New family, new business

With my new marriage and business just a couple of years old I embarked on motherhood. Yes, beyond my furry little puppies. I look at this decade as an exhausting but exciting one with so much happening and so much on my plate. It became quite honestly a blur. A blur, that filled my life with a tremendous amount of joy. 

At 40: Adjust and go with the flow

I became let’s say mature both mentally and physically. I watched and felt my body change as my hormones take over big time. Another decade of blurriness as there was so much going on both professionally and personally. My children became teenagers. I sold my first business and learned the lessons of taking risks – some good, some not so good.

At 50: Learn to let go

It really was a decade that started off with of a lot of goodbyes. I celebrated this new decade with my parents on Catalina Island as we had come to do together on my decade birthdays. Only this would be the last time, as they said their eternal goodbyes a few years later. Losing them, especially my mother changed me at my core. I had never in my life felt such grief - a huge piece of me was gone. Yet I also came to find her spirit alive and well inside of me, that realization helped me to get on with my life.

Also, I watched my babies fly from the nest and found a new deeper love for my husband along the journey. I also found a new deeper love for my business and a deep sense of gratitude to be able to do the work that means so much in helping other entrepreneurs find their light. With all of it I also found a new sense of spirituality that has enlightened me in so many ways. And to top it all off I did my first century ride on my bike.

At 60: ??????

A whole fresh decade is ahead of me starting today! It’s time for me to fly higher than before as I continue to reinvent myself and fully sink my teeth (heart and soul) into all that I want to make sure I do in this lifetime that has been given to me. I want to savor every moment of it. The opportunities ahead are unlimited as I allow my instincts to get stronger along with my skill sets. 

Whatever age you may be, here’s a toast I wrote for us to salute each other.. 

With each decade comes a new form of grace

A time to rediscover, and gather life’s gifts at a new pace

A time to be who you are meant to be

Opening your heart and letting it be free!  


I invite you to celebrate with me today not only my birthday but each of the decades that you have had the honor to be on the planet as well. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Surf’s Up!

To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles

Phone: 303-652-1718