Storms make the oak grow deeper roots.
— George Herbert

As this past week progressed, I watched as the varied trees that are on our property regain the momentum for their spring growth. The freezing snowstorm that blew through a few weeks ago stopped a few of our beautiful trees in their tracks while others seemed to hardly notice.

When you think about the overall strength of these trees and their ability to withstand the change of seasons it’s imperative of course that they also maintain a healthy root system underground.

Interestingly an Aspen tree can live between 40 to 150 years above ground yet their root system can live much longer. There is actually an Aspen colony in Utah that is known to be 80,000 years old! Wow!

Trees simulate the strength in our human lives in so many ways.  The strength of a tree as it stands up to the adversity around it, based on that strong root system, is in many ways the perfect symbolism of leadership. 

We have heard the saying strong as an oak. Let’s face it - the process of leading can be fairly easy when everything around you provides the perfect conditions. However, any of us who have been on the planet for any length of time knows that life is rarely perfect.

Sometimes life can hit us hard and knock us right off our feet. How well and strategically we fight back determines our rate of survival and "thrival" as I like to think of it.  

"Thrival" is not just getting by each day according to the agenda around you but actually thriving and enjoying life in the process. Allowing our adversities to in fact become our strength that we continue to build on – like a good root system does.

Each of us carries with us our roots – the tidbits of our lives that got us to where we are today - some good and some not so good - those life experiences that have taken us this far into our journey. 

How are you using your experience to create the legend of your unique life?

How can we gain the strength from our collective roots to make it a better world?

I would love your feedback on these leadership questions in the comments below. Here’s to regaining our momentum even when a storm might slow us down!

To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles
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