forever is composed of nows

“Forever is composed of nows.” - Emily Dickenson

You know what’s interesting... after so many years of working with quotes I am always delighted and surprised when I find another one that makes me stop and think.  To stop and appreciate words spoken both in recent times and many decades ago in our collective past. This week’s quote from literary hero, Emily Dickinson did just that today. 

Living in the moment, to some, may seem to have become a little cliche' with our busy lives and an overall need for instant gratification. A need that can seem to never feel satisfied which is why it still remains an important factor to pay attention to in our daily lives. 

With the delicious season of spring now sprung, it seems like the appropriate time to look at a little spring cleaning.  I know some of you getting this on the east coast are still de-thawing from your deep chill and with that in mind I ask that you think about spring even stronger. 

Getting the cobwebs and clutter out of our way - especially those that can grow and fester in our minds - is essential in order to allow new growth to happen.  In other words, ask yourself this question...

When your window of opportunity opens will you be ready to jump through it?

This week I am traveling to North Carolina to mix a little business with pleasure.  I will spend the first part of the journey visiting places I have never been before and a few days visiting some dear friends that I have not seen in way too many years in Asheville. 

Then I will be rolling up my sleeves and digging further into a body of work that I have been studying over the last 6 months with the founder of the Value Builder Program and Author of The Automatic Customer - John Warrillow.  This three day deep dive will allow me to further assist my clients in building value in their business.  A window of opportunity I am excited to be further opening so I can jump through!  ;) 

So as you head into spring, what is the window of opportunity that you want to be opening?  What are the mind cobwebs you are ready to let go of as you open yourself up to all the possibilities that are just sitting there waiting for you to pay attention to them in the now?  Would love for you to share or should I say proclaim what is true for you over on the blog. 

Happy Spring!

P.S.  The pic above seemed appropriate to share during a week of travel.  It was taken recently at DIA during a most glorious sunset over the Rockies.  Always a nice place to come home to!  


To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri


Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 

and Founder of the Victory Circles