nurture your nature

How would you best describe what comes naturally when you begin your work each day?  In other words, what is your nature? Those moments of time when you are in your absolute best element - doing what you do best.

Doing that which allows you to use your soul, as opposed to always having the soles of your feet doing the busy work.

I think each of us has discovered that busy work and "getting things done" doesn't help us sleep at night (as we talked about last week) or fully help our imagination to come out and play for that matter. 

Perhaps even more importantly, busy work does not support us in embracing the moments along our way. When we stop to look at the value our life brings to both ourselves and others, we can probably always stand to give much more soul in our sole :)  

Today I want to share with you a great TedX Talk that I heard a few months ago. I saved the link knowing the importance of sharing the discussions on belief as it pertains to our imaginations.  

There is that critical moment when a new idea is just coming to life that an unwavering belief in yourself is crucial to bring that inkling of a thought to fruition.

It is a great reminder (or perhaps even a wake up call) to look in the mirror and ask: What do I believe?    

Please take a listen... 

With all this talk about soul and imagination, I am delighted to announce our first free webinar in about 6 weeks that happens this Thursday morning. 

The topic? Fearless Imagination. In this webinar I am going to share with you 100 marketing ideas that you can begin to implement to share your ideas with the world!  If you can't make it live - be sure to register in order to get the free recording.   

Now it's your turn. What is that part of you that you love to have shine as you allow your full potential to come to life? As you respect your talents and what they represent?   

That element of yourself that serves your customers (either directly or indirectly) and allows you to do work that makes your heart sing?  

Please below your favorite activity in your business that brings out the best of your souls nature - the element that still makes you smile after a hard day of work.    

Just take 10 seconds to share your thoughts, you never know who could read it and be inspired by your own unique ideas. Share Here.   

Until next week - let's get out there and make our soles full of soul!

To your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri

P.S. Enjoy the chive blossom from my garden in this week's pic - a great reminder of how everything takes on a different perspective in a new light. 

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles

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