how lucky i am

Each of us at some point in our lives will have to say goodbye to everyone we know and they will have to do so with us as well. Some will be an intentional disconnect as our paths change, and some will be gone in the blink of the eternal goodbye.

And while this may sound a bit melancholy to hear first thing on this Monday morning here is why I am sharing it...

Change is that inevitable reality that happens in this life we live. It's probably not any more visual than during this fall season that is full of so much photographic change.

There is something surreal about this occurrence - especially during a year like this one here in Colorado when we have had such glorious colors.   I don't know about you but every day for the past 6 weeks I have been watching the change and looking at the new elements it brings. And, all the while feeling extreme gratitude and knowing that it soon will be over bringing winter in its path.

All any of us are guaranteed of is this very moment. Along with the moments and places, are the people that destiny and our intentions have positioned to join us along our path.

I recently had the opportunity to visit my hubby on the east coast where he has been working on a project. It has been an interesting reality for us as over the past 6 months as we have spent a lot of time apart because of his work.

Interesting because absence has, in our case, made the heart grow fonder.   It has deepened our relationship in new and meaningful ways. He is a critical part of my life and an important player in our family team after being together for nearly 30 years.

What I have found that doesn't work well is to fight against change or not to accept the realities that it brings. When it comes to the people in our lives so much can change, we become different people as we grow, we can physically move from each others lives, and ultimately we lose each other to the human bodies ability to only last so long.

Wrapping up our discussions this month on the Master Mind Principle of Cooperation, take these words of Winnie the Pooh (via Author A.A. Milne) this morning to heart, as you look at the people in your life right now today that matter most. We can tend to take each other for granted and forget just how fortunate we are to have those who matter most to us in our lives, sharing in our journey.

Take the time to show your gratitude and appreciation with a simple thank you that can come in many forms from a written note, to a kind spoken word or gesture.

Perhaps the most important element of life is not to live with regret as you enjoy today right into tomorrow.  Spend your time with those people who you most enjoy, as together you get the most out of the journey.  Wishing you happy sailing!

To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri


Cheri Ruskus
Author, Business Growth Coach,

and Founder of the Victory Circles