the belief that you can accomplish it

Wow! Defeat is hard to swallow at times, especially when you had your heart so completely set on winning. And with that said when there are two teams in a game one has to lose. It is unfortunate that the defeat for our Denver Broncos was so painful to watch.

However, this Monday morning, the first one of February, brings us back to reality and life, as we knew it before Super Bowl Sunday. And the sun is still rose today and life continues to tick on. The great Zig Ziglar once said, “If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.” I say lets get the learning done and onward we go!

In January, we talked about goals and the desire to attain them. Now we are talking during the next four Victory Letters about probably our greatest built in artillery in fully gaining what we desire and how we combat defeat, our Self Confidence.

Confidence and self-esteem is that piece of your mind, heart and soul that propels you where you haven’t been before. The part of you that does not take “no” for the final answer just the beginning of a conversation.

It is the required skill set what will have the Broncos returning to Denver to begin to prepare for the upcoming football season that they will start training for in the months ahead. The show must go on and with some rises come some falls. Belief whether in ourselves, or in others comes not just when everything is going beautifully as we planned but in fact when we have to rise up out of the crud.

Malcom Gladwell in his book the Outliers, shares the 10,000-hour rule. The theory that it takes time and the repeating something over and over to get really good at it. To attain the kind of self-confidence that takes you from just good to great. Gladwell used the example of the fact that the Beatles played in Hamburg, Germany from 1960-1964 over 1200 times giving them the 10,000 hours that brought them to greatness.

Do an inner check this morning to fully take a pulse on your self-confidence. Ask yourself these questions:

What is that you do each day that you feel the most confidence in doing?

What is a talent that you either have or would like to get your 10,000 hours in to be the best at that skill set?

While we may not have control on whether or not our home team wins the Super Bowl we do have the power to make a difference in our lives and the lives of so many others.

As we lick our wounds this morning I share with you an excerpt out of my first book, The Victory Letters - Inspiration for the Human Race.

The Sprint - Holding Your Momentum

You’ve used up everything you planned on...and then a little more,
Now the finish line got further, it seems a distant shore.
This is truly where the winners show their skill, confidence and grace,
Now pull from deep, deep inside you and win this race.

Everything you dreamed for, all you desired to do,
It is all dependent on no one, no one but you.
So give all you have to give use your heart and soul,
Remember it’s you in charge; it’s you in control.

Wishing you this Monday morning the insight to master the day, week and month in order to create the world around you that ignites your delight in calling it your own.

Rise up and greet the challenge!

Here is to Your Successes and Victories!

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Author, Business Growth Coach,

and Founder of the Victory Circles