may your choices reflect you hopes

There is nothing quite like the rhythm and flow of a good story. I have found myself after this first full business week of the year paying close attention to the stories that have been all around me. There seems to be a common theme: we have the choice whether or not to participate in the story change that is required in each of us.

With that, today's quote really resonated with me in seeing as a society how we have become more prone to settle with a story to live with whether it's true or not for our deepest happiness.   Many times allowing fear or pain to be the only driving force that finally makes us face needed change.

Fear comes in all shapes, and is mentioned here in the Victory Letter quite a bit because it is the most powerful force that makes us sit sometimes for too long in a perceived failure or situation we don't want to be in.

One morning last week I woke up about 4:30am and my body was just aching.  Not fully sure where the ache was coming from in my half awake state and not ready to start my day I grabbed my ipad from my nightstand and started to watch a webinar that a coach I am working with had recorded the previous day.

Hearing positive words usually is a great method for me to gently fall back into sleep.

As I listened to her words about standing up for what we believe in and a variety of other things, I noticed that the pain in my body was mainly coming from my pinky finger. From the light of the screen I could see it was swollen. Going into the light of the bathroom it was apparent that I had somewhere on my journey gotten up a nasty splinter inserted just under my skin.

As I lay there listening to her story I kept thinking I need to get this splinter out of my finger. Yet I was cozy back in my bed and didn't want to get up.

Well, after lying there for about 20 minutes, I did get up, and gently and easily removed the splinter with tweezers. By doing so it allowed me to fall back asleep.

I woke up a few hours later thinking of the metaphor "What is the splinter in my life overall right now?" You know, that nagging issue that when not taken care of... causes so many other issues.

In that moment, I decided to bundle up, go outside, and sit in my garden with my coffee to watch another glorious moon set over the mountains, and sunrise over the plains.

As the sun came up, I looked at the mountains I have the pleasure of looking at everyday and felt an extreme moment of gratitude. Thinking of all the blessings in my life that I can tend to take for granted each day.  With that gratitude as a base, I again asked myself, "What is my splinter?"

Reviewing the first week of the year and all the opportunities that had been placed in my path I realized that I was actually feeling quite overwhelmed. Just like you, my life is not perfect, and the metaphor of the splinter had shown up to bring me out to the garden on a frosty 30 degree January morning. I was presented with the choice to look deeper into myself and what it was that I truly wanted.

That moment of reflection and inner searching, along with a divinely timed meeting that morning with my coach allowed me to get out of my own head. By doing so I was able to free the splinter that had lodged itself into my mindset and fully embrace a number of opportunities that I have since taken from looming to blooming!

The power of getting out of one's own head - enhanced by the coaching process - once again confirmed how much a support team around each of us can lighten the load we tend to carry internally.  By not always carrying it alone we can allow our full light to shine, splinter free!

Recently, I heard Tony Robbins share his definition of business and I can say that I know it to be true,  "Business is nothing but a spiritual gain. It's how do I take the invisible and turn it into the visual. What's more spiritual than that?"

Are you ready to change your spiritual story in 2015? Are you ready to take those thoughts and ideas that matter and shake your self out of your comfort zone in order to bring them to full visual life?

What would shift in your world if you freed yourself from the negative thoughts of fear and self-doubt with a support team around you?

Are you really ready to make all difference to yourself and everyone who matters to you, including those that currently make up your story including the good, the bad, and the ugly?

I encourage you - especially those of you who are entrepreneurs reading this - for the sake of your own sanity get out of your head, get support and as you reach for the stars and create the story of your life - the way you want it written.

Let's kick off this second week of the year, eliminating your splinters. Here's to continued forward movement into a great 2015!


To Your Successes and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Author, Business Growth Coach,

and Founder of the Victory Circles