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Cooperation by itself is a word that just makes me smile... how about you? In it's finest form it makes the world go round in a much more peaceful and productive manner.

During this month of October we delve into the Master Mind Principle of Cooperation. I thought it would be cool to share with you in our main picture of the week, all month long, the amazing glass art images from the Chihuly Exhibit that has graced the Denver Botanic Gardens since the beginning of summer.

Truly the Gardens coming together with such a world wide renowned artist is Cooperation at it's finest. The way that they have integrated the artwork into the gardens is spectacular. For any of you in the Denver area that haven't gone to see this exhibit yet you don't want to miss it before it leaves on November 30th.

Dale Chihuly has also learned how to cooperate with the fine art of glass blowing to make the most beautiful artworks from such a fragile element. He has not done it alone as he works with an amazing team that allows his visions to come to life.

Napoleon Hill in the Law of Success shared there are two forms of Cooperation. The first, is that part that comes from within us to cooperate with our conscious and subconscious minds. Then there is the second type in how we engage with others to bring our dreams and their dreams to fruition.

This very principle is why I became so endeared to the Master Mind process in 2006 when I founded the Victory Circles. I knew that the most engaging way to allow this principle to come to life was to hear and to be heard, and as each of us knows it is a simple and yet complex process.

The art of being heard is why I am also passionate about using and allowing your written word to be shared with others.  

By using writing to tap into your subconscious mind you can dig deep down inside of your own spirit to collectively collaborate by sharing your thoughts with others of a like mind.  

When it happens so that everyone wins it is a beautiful occurrence.

I invite you to join me next Tuesday October 14th for one of my favorite webinars that I lead, Stop Bugging and Start Enriching. In this hour event we will dig into the importance of sharing good content and in being part of the effort of spreading a positive message.

We all have our inbox's overflowing with others wants and needs. I believe there is a better way to reach out in touching people through email - to be part of a solution not part of the problem. That has been my goal through these 13 years of sending out the Victory Letter.

How about you? Is there a message inside of you that can help to enliven those people you care most about be it your colleagues, clients, family and friends. I believe that you can cross over each of these areas when you write from your heart about items that matter most to you.

Hope you can join me live on the webinar next week and lets take Cooperation to the next level. Until then I have a couple more online events I am participating in this week that may assist you in your journey towards Cooperation...read more in the events section below.

As you head into your week, I share with you these words from the writings of Mark Nepo:

"So, faith is no more than the willingness and bravery to enter and ride the stream. The mystery is that taking the risk to be so immersed in our moment of living in itself joins us with everything larger than us. And what is compassion but entering the stream of another without losing yourself."

Think of those words along with those of Emma Watson that started off today's letter - Who are you not to share your compassion and voice with the world? You are the real deal of you. Let yourself be heard. 

Here's to you!   

To Your Successes and Victories,  

- Cheri


Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 

and Founder of the Victory Circles