And they called it puppy love....
— Donny Osmond

We did it!  We lost our minds a bit, opened our hearts a lot, and become proud new parents of a furry baby girl that we have named Luna Marie. 

The many new elements of this 8-week old yellow lab coming into our lives have me looking at the world a bit differently. Reminding me a lot of my early days as a Mom to other puppies along way and my human kids as well. 

It has re-energized my respect for parents everywhere and all they do in juggling parenting with everything else.  Especially those who run a small business – a baby all in itself at times! 

luna with apples yellow lab cheri ruskus

Top 10 Lessons Learned from Luna

1. Time is precious
Every minute you have to accomplish something - do it!  You don’t know how long they are going to sleep and those times you have to get things indeed become golden moments.  Along with it all find time to play and fully enjoy them when they are awake. 

2. Rethink what’s safe
Yes, if you think it can be chewed on it can. And even if you think it can’t…it can.   My plants have been moved, shoes no longer left on the floor and a continuous moving of things. It actually has allowed us to de-clutter and rethink some things around our home. 

3. Everything is a moving target
You have to keep your eye on the ball because you are kept on the move by the constant element of a little being who is curious about everything in the world that is such a mystery.

4. Pain can bring anger
There is nothing like the teeth of a little puppy sinking into your skin that can at first bring a tear and then… make you mad.  I must admit there were times the first couple of days as she chomped into my toes that I thought I was going to throw her across the yard… her cute little face saved her a number of times.

5. Sleep is essential
For a number of years now, for the most part, I have had the luxury of uninterrupted sleep.  The 2am yelping from her crate the first few nights ended that luxury.  My work suffered for a couple of days because I was feeling so tired from this lack of sleep.  Thankfully she is now sleeping until 6am and the quality of my work is so much better. 

6. Take careful steps
With a little puppy running around my feet I have almost fallen a number of times as I charged from here to there.  It has taught me to slow down a little and actually notice the ground I am walking on

7. New routines
Transition is in the air and there is no changing the fact that I now must have new daily routines as I mix my work and taking care of Luna.  For example, one morning just as I sat to do my morning meditation she was chewing on my yoga mat.  Thankfully my husband swooped in to give me a 10-minute reprieve.

8. Love takes time
Our other pooch Izzy, a seven-year old yellow lab, was not initially delighted with the addition.  We needed to make sure to give her extra love and attention and will continue to do so. Time will make them close friends and there have been more and more signs each day from Izzy that she is warming up to this idea of a new little sister.   

9. Timing is everything
Getting a puppy in the summer was a smart thing to do.  We are spending most of our time outside getting her used to our world without tearing up the inside of the house in the process.  Better to have accidents on the patio and move her straight to the grass then in the house.

10. Focus when you can
I keep thinking of my days as a mom to my children, Travis and Bailey, and people I know who are currently moms of little children.   The important thing is to appreciate who they are now because they will grow up and these special moments of being so young (as exhausting as they are) will forever be gone. 

Luna and Izz Cheri Ruskus

With all this said – love conquers all. 

And as the words to Donny Osmond’s big 1970’s hit song, at the end of the day wrap up all the work, the lost sleep and the destroyed plants … I still love this little beast that has come into my life.  Or as Donny so sweetly sang it…

And they called it puppy love
Oh I guess they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And why I love her so!


Here’s to allowing our hearts to keep us moving forward even when we question the decisions we make and finding the dog whisperer within! 

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To Your Successes and Victories,
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles