This past week was full of many events and experiences for me that are bubbling through my mind as I sit to write this week's message to you.  

Through all that transpired it brought to light 3 main lessons that encompass entrepreneurship, relationships and the precious commodity of life itself that we all have the opportunity to share...

Lesson 1 - Never Take Life for Granted

Life is indeed a precious commodity because it can end in a blink of an eye. Last week I wrote to you about the impending birth of my grandniece Emma and we are still waiting for her grand entrance.   

Little did I know as I wrote that, just days later my daughter's dear friend, Jarad, would pass away from a freak accident.  A life lost way too soon! 

Watching my daughter deal with a loss so large reminds me to pay attention to the details that really matter most. 

We can get so caught up in the details of competition and stress of running a business that we can forget the simple truth of how lucky we are to be here sharing our gifts with the world.  

Something simple like a warm, genuine smile when you talk to someone can go a long way... which takes us right into Lesson 2.

Lesson 2 - Relationships Matter

In the middle of the last week I also had some dear friends visiting. We shared a wide range of emotions (as old friends quite often do) and after they left, the laughter we shared together is what remained in my mind and heart. 

With over 50 years of friendship I am forever grateful to hold such strong bonds with these wonderful women. 

Although their visit did cause me to rearrange my workflow for the week, I was more than happy to do it.  

Always remember to take time to laugh with those you care most about in your life... which brings us right into lesson 3!

Lesson 3 - Take Time to Download and Think

So often we are onto the next thing without taking the time to fully think through the events that happen in our lives.  To reflect on how they are taking us not only  towards where we want to go, how they are making the process a rich and joyful one.       

This weekend I gave myself the amazing gift of setting time aside to fully remember and "download" the events of the past week.  

So after yet another fun filled evening on Saturday night celebrating my niece Katie's 21st birthday, Sunday I gave myself download time.   

This quiet thinking time allowed me to embrace the importance of those elements that were placed in my life and how I choose to react to them.

As we head into this new week and a new month I ask you to ponder the words of today's quote. The picture below with the quote was taken at sunrise during one of the precious moments from this past week. 

If you have a quick minute to download, think about your own experiences from this past week that are propelling you into the week ahead.  Share an experience you had in the comment section below.

Happy August!

To Your Successes and Victories, 
- Cheri 

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles

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