find out who you are and then do it on purpose

Have you ever noticed the power of a post-it note? 

Currently in the Victory Circles we are once again taking a deep look into what Napoleon Hill called Defining Your Definite Chief Aim. In other words, your purpose. This is a crucial element that drives so much of what we do.

Eleven days into this year of 2016 we can start to once again get completely overwhelmed as the time continues to go so quickly. Now is when we really start to think, “will those thoughts, hopes and aspirations that I wished for the year really happen?”

Whether it is for your business, a relationship or your health, clarity in purpose drives us to action when the day-to-day of living our lives steps up and takes over. 

Napoleon Hill said in the Law of Success, “Success is largely a matter of adjusting one’s self to the every-varying and changing environments of life, in a spirit of harmony and poise.  Harmony is based on an understanding of the forces constituting one’s environment.”

Which brings me back to the post-it notes. They possess the power in helping us to retain ideas without endlessly running out and trying to implement every single one of them that pop into our head. 

A few years back I discovered the power of catching an idea on a post-it note. Any organizer will tell you that a bunch of post-it notes lying around will make you go a little crazy. However, in this past year (thanks to my son Travis) I discovered that having a big white board with post-it notes allows you to organize your post-its with the original thought still in place… until you are fully ready to use it. 

Today’s pic of the week is actually my post-it note board that contains people to reach out to, quotes I have loved, snippets of ideas to use in upcoming programs, thoughts for my new book, etc.

The truth is that when they have taken over the board and even some of the wall next to it, its time for me to start doing something more with these ideas and do a clearing and organizing – much like we have to do with our desks from time to time. 

These post-it notes hold valuable things for me - like a reminder of words I want to say to those in our upcoming Marketing Mastery course, “Leave room in your plan for sparks of genius.”

Another post-it was “Red Rubber Ball.” A client shared this thought of the song in a coaching call and I wrote it down to check it out and see if I can use that in an upcoming Victory Letter (keep your eyes open for that). 

There are many others like these, and the final one I will share here is a reminder to myself and something I might possibly put in some marketing copy, “What I represent to my clients is being the person who makes sure you are working ON your business. That insures you will not always be working IN your business.”

What are the ways that you can capture your ideas in order to allow you to keep the flow going and not run after every idea in the moment it comes to you? This post-it forward method really works for me and would love to know what works for you.

A challenge for those who want to take ACTION

1) Get a pack of post-it notes, and start writing down those great thoughts that pop into your head throughout the day.

2) Mark 10-15 mins on your calendar at the end of the week to organize and review your post-its.

As Dolly Parton suggests in todays quote, finding who you really are and then doing it on purpose sounds like a mighty fine idea. Then, gain further clarity on how to put it into action, and finally allow others see your vision as well is what our programs are all about.  Hope to have you join us! 

Keep your aim strong and your post-its nearby!

To Your Successes and Victories, 
- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus 
Author, Business Growth Coach, 
and Founder of the Victory Circles