limits are like training wheels

How many times along your way has a challenge or a limitation, as we sometimes come to think of them, changed who you have become as a person? Not so much the limit itself - more the act of what you personally did with the circumstances given to you to create change.

I hope that as we start this week after a nice long three-day weekend that you had plenty of time to stop and enjoy spending time with people you care about and even more importantly got to spend some time with yourself. For me it was a “no makeup” weekend just hanging out and “being” while enjoying my own skin and soaking up a few rays of sunshine.

Our personalities are formed over our entire lifetime to make us special and unique in our own right. The overall result creates the “who of you” which we are celebrating here in the Victory Circles during the month of July with the Master Mind Principle of your Unique Personality.

Today is cool day date wise (definitely not temperature wise) as it is 7/7/14. Since 7 + 7 = 14 it seems like a day of celebrating balance. Something we can tend to lose site of with so much swirling around in our individual worlds.

We each have our own training wheels story

Take a minute and stop to think about the defining moments in your life.   And perhaps more specifically, the times that stopped you in your tracks after having had a particular placed limit in front of you. We each have a different story to tell of the training wheels required to get us through a particular situation.

I have been reading the new book, Life by the Cup by Zhena Muzyka as I have been mentioning here for a few weeks now.

Today’s quote comes from a sub-chapter called Blend What You’ve Got. Zhena shares that training wheels give us a chance to ride fully without the fear of falling. She writes, “Conventional wisdom dictates that more is always better and limitations always bad, but too many options can dilute the imagination.”

She goes on to say, “Great inspiration can come from being hemmed in by low funds, high standards, too many rules, or seeming lack of choices. Obstacles force us inward into important resources that we might not otherwise discover.”

And after all - didn’t we form who we are today through a whole series of discoveries that came from the inside out? Building up our confidence with training wheels of many kinds. Finally, the moment comes when your mind allows you to set the fear aside and think as you did with the training wheels on - even though they in fact got removed. You gave yourself the power.

I shared a few weeks back the idea about speed limits and the beauty of appreciating where you are right now today. It’s also important to pay homage to all that has led up to and made you who you are right now today. Can we get better - there is no doubt - the “who of you” is an ever changing process!

What are the lessons your biggest limits have taught you along the way? Where have they caused you to reach and stretch and grow? Would love to have you share below.

So just like the fireworks we saw in the sky over this past weekend - Here’s to making the sky the limit!

To Your Successes and Victories

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Author, Business Growth Coach,
and Founder of the Victory Circles