There is not any one language of beauty - there are so many different languages of beauty no matter where you live.
— Linda Vater

Gardening is one of my passions that helps me to have greater gratitude for life. As a business owner I need and want to find relief from the challenges I face every day. A simple blooming of a flower can erase a stress filled day like nothing else.

It’s my extreme pleasure here on my birthday week to share a wonderful new podcast with one of my favorite gardeners. Linda Vater is someone I have been following on Instagram for some time. I have always been impressed with her knowledge about gardening as well as her beautiful garden pictures and giving personality.

Because of that giving nature she has gained over 35,000 followers to date on Instagram alone. Before we sat down to record the podcast I felt I knew her already because of the details of her garden that she shares every single day on Instagram.

In our inspiring conversation I learned so much more about how she turned gardening into a business and a business into a further love for gardening. Listen to her insights on making the world a beautiful place starting from her own garden based in Oklahoma City, her feedback about social media success, and so much more.

Perhaps the common thread for this interview is the importance of giving back to each other and whatever piece of greenery that you may have been given in your life to tend.

So, on this occasion of my birthday I give to you this wonderful interview that holds so many wise and wonderful lessons to be learned. Here is one: each of us has landscapes that come in many shapes and forms.

Happy Listening.

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