Passion illuminates the darkness.
— Danielle LePorte

What is it that you are most passionate in your life that fully lights you up?

The way you spend your time and the people that you do it with that bring you the greatest joy. 

This week we pay a special homage to love and the passion that brings it to life. A tradition that has been around since early Roman times that became what we now know as Valentine’s Day. 

Without a doubt I deeply love my husband, my children, extended family and friends and will be sending them valentines. My work however gets to the core of my being and calls at my heartstrings in its own special way. As cliché as it might sound – it gives me great purpose – especially when I light others up in the process. 

By honoring our passions both personally and professionally happiness can be ours for the asking – especially when we are lighting up the world for others in the process. 

Being an entrepreneur and small business owner is without a doubt one of the most difficult professional roles to take on and… one of the most fulfilling in my opinion when it comes to bringing your passion to life. 

Love, passion and confidence go hand in hand. When you are doing what you love and hanging out with those you love - confidence reins supreme because you are in your passion place. 

Passion is a process – it ebbs and it flows. What is most important is if we can bring it to life daily if possible. 

This weeks tools are designed to assist in finding your passion and keeping it working strong for you during the moments when you start to question if you are on the right path. 

Here’s to a great week of love and light ahead! 


Passion Brings Confidence

Courage to be the Difference Podcast with Cheri Ruskus

Get your passion engines fired up as we explore 10 easy ways to bring value to others while firing up your own inner passions.


Do What You Can’t

by Casey Neistat

Passion takes courage, confidence and saying yes, I can! I love this video and often share it with my live workshop audiences as a reminder that we can do anything we put our mind to. 

Think about what you have been aching to be passionate about and what you would be doing in this video if you could. Enjoy!

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To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

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