Courage is grace under pressure.
— Ernest Hemingway

This morning finds me in route to Lake Tahoe as I begin final preparations for my century ride this coming Sunday!

I did in fact get my 1,000 miles of training in for this ride since February 1st… proving once again, when you put your mind to anything, anything is possible.  

So many of you rallied after the last Victory Letter and the Pedal Girls exceeded our goal by over 65% of our donations goal to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!!

The countless well wishes that will be carrying me as well. Each of you has given me the ultimate Atta Girl!  Thank you, Thank you Thank you! Each of you along with the loved ones you have lost or are struggling with the disease will undoubtedly be riding with me just a few days from now on June 4th!  

As with any goal this huge one happened for me – not easily by any means but moment by moment, pedal by pedal.  

The hope in sharing this with you today is that it uplifts you to stop and think about how you will implement your own special 1,000-mile goal. 

As fate would have it I also received an email from the Society that after 40 years this organization I promised my mom I would ride for in her honor has been instrumental in funding the research to finally begin actual treatment trials to tap into the beginning stages of finding a cure for AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia).  

Of course it’s bittersweet because it’s way too late for my mom but to save another family from the pain we had to bear is so rich, so awesome. My mom would be doing a happy dance if she could - I am sure she is somewhere.   

My mom, Jeannine Landreau, wrote a beautiful poem many years ago that we never read until after she had passed away. 

"Do not take this moment lightly for it is the most important moment of your life—it is all there is of the present. 

Live it to the fullest for it will never come again. 

All that has gone before it is a memory and all that will come after it is only a hope or dream of future things. 

It is more than the beginning of tomorrow and the end of yesterday. 

Make it a great moment, it is your life right now and you will never live it again!"

For me, the time has come to take the training goal and now put it into action with the ultimate goal of pedaling 100 miles around Tahoe.

You can watch the Tahoe experience unfold as I share it over on Instagram: @victorygirl

Looking forward to connecting after I cross the Victory line next of my ride next week! 

To Your Success and Victories,

- Cheri

Cheri Ruskus
Business Strategist and Founder of the Victory Circles
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