Motivation gets you into the game – habits keep you there.
— Jim Rohn

What would you say is the number one missing ingredient in your business (or life) right now?  That one single thing that if it came together as envisioned in your minds-eye all would be good in your world?

It’s interesting how some things seem to come together so easy and some things in life that just seems to take forever!  We can get started, get distracted and then somewhere along the way try again and in the meantime miss an opportunity.

What’s important is to find the right formula to turn a good idea into a great idea without taking your eye off of it. That usually takes without a doubt what Jim Rohn talked about in today’s quote – motivation mixed in with some good habits in place around implementation.

This is also known as innovation that is more often than not is based on keeping our foot firmly on the gas pedal and not letting up until the idea has fully come to life.  Something that is much harder to do than just say.  Especially when you may lack belief and every two seconds you feel like you should be putting on the brakes.

In my initial work with my entrepreneurial clients I see all the time that they are missing the formula for creating a habit around keep to the course in order to bring the ideas fully to life.  And I say fully to life because you must look at it from all angles.

It inspired me so much I wrote an article for Colorado Biz Magazine last week – in honor of Halloween Digging into the Graveyard of Ideas

There are five major components:  

1.     Understand the Pain Point to begin with.

2.     Innovation Factor and the solution it will provide.

3.     Bring the idea towards Profitability and the role it will play.

4.     Passion Points - Know what will keep you interested and engaged.

5.     Marketing Reach – allow the world to actually see this idea as you bring it to life.

The reality of the all the work that may need to be done to get what you want can be overwhelming and scary all at the same time. An idea fully brought to life requires a whole lot of commitment.

When we cook we have to commit to using every ingredient. A lack of confidence on just one ingredient can completely ruin the recipe. To thrive with your business and personal ideas, they need every ingredient in the process to be used properly and confidently.

It’s a mindset thing. Our inner critic tries to protect us, but without the right ingredients this inner voice can restrict us from moving forward.

Question for Reflection
What is your missing ingredient to take that big idea where you need it to go in the immediate future? Is it courage, focus, belief, passion, creativity, profit, innovation, marketing, or  _______?