If you want to clean a house you have to see the dirt.
— Louise Hay

Sometimes victory takes a little longer than we initially expected.

Currently we are in the middle of what has turned into a pretty major home remodel. This project started from a little vision my husband had that quickly got bigger and bigger as the two of us collaborated over it.

We saw the need, or the dirt as Louise Hays shares in todays quote, and we were ready to create an element to our home that will make a major difference the moment you walk in our front door. 

It has been without a doubt been a process. At this point, we are about 3 weeks behind schedule and the achiever in me is way over the waiting process especially with Thanksgiving now only days away. Good thing we are headed to my sister Robi’s house for dinner!  

What this project has brought up is the learning that can with any situation or project that keep us waiting. The wide variety of life situations that are nearing completion, and suddenly take us on a longer road than expected to get from here to there.

Here’s the five important lessons I’ve learned that can easily be used in so many elements of running a successful business and a happy, fulfilled life:

Lesson #1 - Avoid Procrastination

When others slow down we can tend to slow down as well because well … why not? We are waiting on them anyway. Keep your energy high and don’t falter as it can serve to be infectious for those who you are waiting on - allowing them to slow down even more.

Lesson #2 – Listen fully to the Lessons

What could you have done differently to get the project off in a better direction?  In our case we now realize there was a lack of details that were in our contract to begin with that could have saved us some unneeded frustrations. 

We were so excited to get started with the project that we overlooked a few key details and specifications around time lines.  For us, that will not happen again we heard it loud and clear.  

Lesson #3 - Understand the Obstacles  

Sometimes we can get so focused on the end result that we don’t put the energy and time into understanding the obstacles that may come up and then what. For me, since I work from home it has been a huge distraction in my daily workflow yet it has been invaluable to be here to answer questions as they have arisen.  Many which could have resulted in even longer delays.

Lesson #4 - Do it Anyway

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it.  In fact, it is almost a test I feel from the universe to see how badly we actually did want something. In our case, some of our obstacles have made the addition to our home better and better as we have moved forward past the obstacles.   

Lesson #5 - Be Grateful

At the end of the day it’s important to remember we are on a journey and need to stop being on the fast track all the time.  Enjoy the meandering that happens when you are delayed.

For those of you traveling over this holiday week that is even more prevalent as you can use those travel delays to discover more about yourself and those you are traveling with along the way. A journey well traveled is better than never to have traveled at all. 

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving week with the time and space for you to share with those you love the most. Hoping to share our finished project with you soon!  

In the meantime, know that I am grateful and thankful for you! For those of you in the US, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!